watch band parts

Everything You Need to Know About Choosing Watch Band Parts

When you're wearing a wristwatch, you need a comfortable band that allows you to personalize the fit so you can wear it for many hours of the day. Browse eBay's listings to find affordable new and used watch band parts, such as straps and buckles, made out of different materials and available in a range of colors, types, and sizes.

Essentials to look for in watch band parts

There are three essentials to look for in replacement band parts. The first is the material, with options including silicone, rubber, stainless steel, silver, and nickel. The second is the color, with options such as black, silver, gold, and brushed nickel. The third essential to look for is compatibility with the size of the watch face.

Which types of watch band parts are available?

Watch band replacement parts available on eBay include:

  • Links: The metal links allow you to expand the length of the watch band.
  • Bracelets: These include everything that connects to the watch face. They are made of metal.
  • Straps: The straps wrap around your wrist and have holes for the buckles. They may include attachments for the watch face.
  • Buckles: Replacement buckles are typically made out of stainless steel.
  • Face attachments: These metal pieces attach to the face of the watch and form the connection with the strap or bracelet.
When should you choose used watch band parts?

It is a good idea to choose used watch band parts in order to:

  • Repair vintage watches: If your watch is vintage, used replacement parts can help you get a proper fit.
  • Save money: Used watch band parts may cost less than new parts.
  • Keep a spare: You may want used parts to have just in case you need an emergency watch repair.
  • Build watches: Used replacement parts may be helpful for putting together your own watch.
Which companies make new watch band parts?

Many companies make new parts for watch bands, and some of them are:

  • Casio: This brand makes original equipment replacement parts including the band, clasp, buckle, and extenders.
  • Omega: These watch band parts include replacement links, extenders, and clasps made out of metal.
  • Jubilee: This aftermarket manufacturer creates metal watch band parts that are compatible with many brands of watches.
  • Oyster: This company makes metal, silicone, and rubber watch band replacement parts for many brands of watches.