tiffany dragonfly necklace

Show Off Your Style With a Tiffany Dragonfly Necklace

When you want a tasteful piece of jewelry with an unusual theme, consider a dragonfly necklace from Tiffany. The company has many beautiful pieces that feature this delicate yet strong insect. You can find Tiffany dragonfly necklaces with a tiny dragonfly charm to wear as a subtle accent piece, or you can get a big bold dragonfly pendant to wear as a statement necklace.

Explore the classic Tiffany dragonfly designs

Tiffany has created many types of dragonfly necklaces over the years. The dragonflies are always portrayed from above, with two wings outstretched on either side of a tiny curving body. Most styles feature a single dragonfly that is suspended with a chain on the tip of each wing or a dragonfly dangling down from a single wing. However, you can also find a few designs that have dragonfly charms mixed in with butterfly and flower charms. Some versions of the dragonfly design use metal curlicues, gemstones, enamel, or crystals to add more interest to the classic Tiffany dragonfly shape.

Learn more about the various metals Tiffany uses

You have many types of metal to choose from when picking Tiffany dragonfly necklaces.

  • Sterling silver: Tiffany uses 0.925 sterling silver in their silver jewelry, which is silver that contains 92.5% of its weight in pure silver.
  • Yellow gold: The gold in Tiffany dragonfly necklaces is 18k gold alloy that has a warm, yellow color.
  • White gold: This is also 18k gold, but it has a rhodium plating to give it a cool, whitish hue.
  • Rose gold: Tiffanys 18k rose gold dragonfly necklaces are made from gold mixed with copper to give it a pinkish color.
When should you consider getting a pre-owned necklace?

It is possible to find brand new Tiffany dragonfly necklaces that still have all their tags and original packaging on eBay, but choosing a pre-owned necklace also comes with some distinct advantages. In many cases, shopping used Tiffany necklaces is a way to get more affordable Tiffany dragonfly necklaces. It also allows you access to more unusual designs that the company no longer makes or sells anymore. You can get vintage Tiffany dragonfly necklaces made in styles dating back decades if you like having historic pieces.

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