terminator sunglasses

You'll Be Back With Terminator Sunglasses

Fans of the 1984 cult classic film "The Terminator" may be delighted by this selection of sunglasses styled to evoke the iconic pair famously worn by Arnold Schwarzenegger. These sunglasses are stylish, lightweight, and offer other great features as well. Search eBay's listings for a pair of Terminator sunglasses to bring a little movie magic to your fashion.

What are the characteristics of Terminator sunglasses?

In the first film of the series, Arnold Schwarzenegger debuted iconic Terminator sunglasses as a way to hide his cyborg eyes. The frames were black, with black lenses, and wrapped around his face. Specifically, he wore ANSI sunglasses from a brand called Gargoyle. While these are rare, there are various other brands with designs that emulate the Terminator sunglasses.

What Terminator sunglasses are available?

There is a wide selection of Terminator-style sunglasses available from reputable vendors like Gargoyles ANSI, New Sports, Magnoli Clothiers, Ray-Ban, Oakley, and Persol. Some of the Gargoyles ANSI sunglasses are vintage from the 1980s and considered by many to be collector's items. Most of the sunglasses have black or dark blue lenses with metal trim. This eyewear offers built-in protection features. Some of the glasses offer antireflective and oleophobic treatments that repel water and are smudge-resistant.

The sunglasses are available in a variety of frames, both metal and plastic, with solid colors like black, blue, brown, gold, and gray, as well as some color combinations. The lenses are available in the same colors. Some have mirrored, gradient, photochromatic, or polarized lenses.

What to look for when buying collectible Terminator sunglasses

While many collect with their hearts, it's always a good idea to check for these when searching for Terminator sunglasses:

  • Limited editions: If you encounter this term, remember its meaning varies. It could indicate that only a set number of items were produced. Before you buy, find out what "limited edition" specifically means for that item.
  • Condition: The idea is to acquire the item in the top condition possible. A little scuffing here and there might not mean much now, but it might be more important if you ever want to sell your collection.
  • Keep the box: Always keep the boxes, even if you open the packages and take the sunglasses out. These items are always worth more with thee original box in new condition.