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Everything You Need to Know When Buying Vintage Slides from Portugal

If you are a collector of rare photography, then you must not pass up the chance to add to your collection. Some collectors enjoy collecting from certain areas like all-inclusive hotels in Portugal with water slides. Read on to find out everything you need to know when buying vintage slides.

What are the different types of vintage slides?

Before the digital age, it was common for photographers to put photos on projector slides to put on a presentation. People would scan thousands of photos. It was a fun way to relive family trips and special occasions. Some collectors enjoy vintage slides from certain times in history or certain countries. For example, Portugal is one of those countries of interest for collectors. Here are the different types of vintage slides:

  • Color
  • Black and white
  • Reversal film
  • Negative film

Slides of hotels in Portugal with water slides are often made from pieces of celluloid and framed in mounts made from plastic or cardboard. Reversal slides looks like the image that was captured when photographed. On the other hand, negative slides do not capture the image but makes it hard to distinguish the image.

Copyright – Give credit when it is due

If you are in the market to buy original slides, then you may have questions about copyright issues. When you buy the slide, you are usually buying a copy of the slide. You own that specific slide but not the copyright. The photographer who took the picture and created the slide owns the copyright.

Many photographers do not care if you use the photographs in projects. If the slide has a name on the back, then you should give credit to the photographer.

What are the different formats?

A standard slide of family hotels in Portugal with slides is about 2 inches in size. You can usually tell the size of the slide by the format. The most common slide formats are the following:

  • 110 format
  • 35mm half-frame format
  • 126 format
  • 3D stereo realist slides

The 110 format is considered miniature in size, and each frame is 13 millimeters by 17 millimeters. The 35mm half-frame format is 18 meters by 24 meters, which is shot at half of a standard full-frame cameras take. The 126 format has a size of 26 millimeters by 26 millimeters and has a single perforation per frame. Three-dimensional stereo realist slides are rectangular in shape with two identical images on opposite ends.