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Choosing the Right Shampoo Chair for a Great Beauty Experience

When buying a shampoo chair, you want to pick what suits you and your client's comfort. An uncomfortable shampoo chair can be an unpleasant experience for both the stylist and the client. If you're trying to figure out what to consider when choosing a shampoo chair on eBay, check out the tips below.

What are some features that you should consider when choosing a shampoo chair?

When choosing a shampoo chair, consider the following features:

  • Choose a chair that has plenty of lumbar support so that your client's back is supported since he or she will be sitting there for a long time, often leaning back.
  • Choose a chair that has high-density foam cushions so that your client is sitting on a seat that provides maximum comfort to their bottom.
What chair options should you consider when thinking about the stylist's comfort?

The stylist's comfort is just as important as the client's. You need to stand there for a long time, so you want to make sure that you choose a chair that allows you to do your work without causing stress on your joints and limbs. Choose a chair that has an easy to adjust hydraulic base so that you can simply move the client up and down as needed so that you don't have to bend. Make sure that your chair comes with the ability to be locked at its ideal height. You also want your chair to be extremely mobile so that it can be moved from spot to spot as needed.

Quality materials are key when choosing your shampoo chair

When choosing a shampoo chair, the type of material it's made from is extremely important. Tough nylon material is a great way to go due to the fact that it's easy to maintain and is extremely durable, allowing it to last a long time. Vinyl is also extremely easy to clean, disinfect, and wipe down after each use, helping keep the salon sanitary. Chrome is great for the metal portions of your chair attempt to hide scratches, and it provides a chic, upscale look.

What should you consider when considering a style for the chair?

Take into account the look of the rest of the salon. You can match the aesthetic of the space, choosing sleek, contemporary chairs for a contemporary salon or elegant, traditional chairs for a more conservative space. Use the same careful decision-making process that you'd use for your home. You're trying to make a space that is both functional and beautiful.