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Explore What Polo Ralph Lauren Olympic Has to Offer

You don't have to be an Oympian to dress like one. Polo Ralph Lauren Olympic combines sporty silhouettes and patriotic colors with Ralph Lauren's signature elegance. Find out key details and features of this exciting clothing line that you can find either new or preowned on eBay.

What years of Ralph Lauren Olympic are available?

Ralph Lauren became the official outfitter of the U.S. Olympic Team in 2008. Previous owners of Olympic apparel decide to sell their clothing at random times. Depending on when you're shopping, you can locate Ralph Lauren Olympic clothing from any year since 2008, including summer and winter Olympics.

Categories of Ralph Lauren Olympic clothing

Ralph Lauren designs encompass official Opening Ceremony and Closing Ceremony wear as well as Olympic village apparel and accessories. There is also Ralph Lauren clothing for the Olympics Parade of Nations, specifically to be worn by the U.S. Olympic and U.S. Paralympic teams. The actual types or articles of clothing include base and top layers in categories including:

  • Classic collared polo shirts
  • Crew T-shirts
  • Long-sleeved, button-down shirts
  • Jackets, coats, and outerwear vests
  • Shorts, caps, and knit hats
Determining the Olympic year and season of a shirt

All Polo Ralph Lauren Olympic clothing showcases the Olympic year and season on the actual article of clothing. In other instances, the article of Polo Ralph Lauren Olympic clothing boasts a unique physical feature, emblem, graphic, or colorway. These are some shirts you can generally find:

  • 2010 official Paralympic flannel shirts with signature red tartans
  • 2008 Beijing Olympic polo shirts in bright green
  • 2008 Beijing Olympic polo shirts in dark blue with white kanji script
  • 2018 Team USA Glacier Stadium coats in NASA-white that resemble astronaut suit
Is it true that some Ralph Lauren Olympic coats need batteries?

There are Polo Ralph Lauren Olympic coats that accommodate batteries, but the batteries aren't required. These coats are on-trend Olympic coats with a built-in heating system. They keep winter sports athletes and spectators comfortable and toasty during outdoor games in frigid temperatures. There are heated Olympic and Paralymic versions intended for general wear, Opening Ceremony wear, and Closing Ceremony wear.

What type of battery does a Ralph Lauren Polo coat need?

The coat is designed to accept a proprietary "RL" battery pack that provides up to 11 hours of heat on a single charge. You can swap the pack out for a generic pack as needed. The generic battery pack must be USB-compatible. You can control the heating pack manually or with a phone app.

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