psoriasis lamp

Light up Your Life and Restore Your Skin Health With a Psoriasis Lamp

Use a psoriasis lamp if you have the chronic skin condition psoriasis. This condition, caused by an overactive immune system, is aided by phototherapy with a psoriasis lamp when its ultraviolet light targets the cells of the skin in the top layer. This can aid in reducing plaque formation by damaging those skin cells, and it can reduce symptoms over time.

How is light therapy effective for psoriasis?

The National Psoriasis Foundation asserts that light therapy is an effective and recommended treatment for psoriasis. Ultraviolet B, or UVB, is present within natural sunlight. Psoriasis lamps recreate this natural phenomenon. This type of light works by penetrating the top layer of the skin and slowing the growth of those skin cells that are affected. Treatment with UVB is offered in a few different ways: small units for such localized areas as the feet or hands, handheld units, and full body units. Some use LED bulbs; others use traditional UV bulbs.

How long does phototherapy take for psoriasis?

While every individual's response to the treatment varies as regarding the time it takes to show results, the average is between 4-10 sessions before results are seen. Narrowband UVB treatment time depends on the specific case of psoriasis. It is important to keep up the sessions in order to see results; the recommended treatment frequency is twice per week, with at least a 48-hour span between treatments.

Handheld lamps

Narrowband UVB phototherapy lamps for psoriasis are generally held in the hand and aimed at a very specific area of focus. Some psoriasis lamps on eBay are hands-free for multi-tasking while keeping up with helpful treatments. Since treatment periods are generally rather brief, this is an unnecessary although helpful feature. The key is to keep the lamp aimed at the target treatment area.

Broadband and narrowband UVB phototherapy

The main difference between narrowband and broadband UVB phototherapy with a psoriasis lamp is that narrowband units produce a more specific range of UV wavelengths or a narrower range. Narrowband has largely taken the place of broadband UVB treatments for psoriasis. You can choose from a selection of new and pre-owned narrowband handheld units on eBay.