ps3 move controller bundle

A Beginner's Guide to the PS3 Move Bundle

Released in 2010 with the PS3 gaming console, the Move transcends classic gaming capabilities by utilizing a player's physical movements instead of the typical handheld controller's joysticks and buttons. Gamers of all types, from single players to families with young children, can all enjoy the unique playing atmosphere of this PlayStation bundle. By utilizing movement and physical activity, gaming with this affordable PlayStation 3 Move bundle available on eBay is more than just stationary play.

How does the Move controller differ from normal handheld controllers?

The Move controller has a main Select button and a trigger toggle on the back. These features are similar to the index finger toggles on a handheld controller. Functions on the controller are not limited by having fewer buttons. In addition, the controller consists of the classic four buttons:

  • Square
  • Circle
  • Triangle
  • X
What equipment makes up the PS3 Move bundle?

When first released, PS3 Move bundles contained various combinations of equipment and games, but all bundles at least included the PlayStation Eye Camera and at least one controller since these items are the most basic configuration needed for any type of gameplay. Some bundles include a USB charging cable and an additional controller as well as a charging port for controllers. Note that some games operate better utilizing a Move controller in each hand, and multiplayer and co-op options need multiple controllers.

Where does the PS Eye Camera mount?

The PlayStation Eye Camera plugs into a USB slot on the PS3. The camera can sit on top of or at the base of your television or anywhere else where you want it. It's just important to remember that you want the camera to sit in a position where it will be able to sense the movement of the players. To most effectively sense movement, it's recommended to set the camera between shoulder and waist height of the player or players.

What games are available for the Move?

A new or used PS3 Move bundle from eBay is more than just a starter pack. Many additional PS3 games support PlayStation Move, not just those included in bundles. The PS3 Move can also be used in certain games with the PlayStation4 as well as PS4 Virtual Reality. Some standard PlayStation Move-supported games include the following:

  • Sports Champions 1 and 2
  • Little Big Planet 2
  • Carnival Island
  • Just Dance (2014 through 2018)
  • Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two
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