prosthetic hand

Be Fully Functionable Again With a Prosthetic Hand

Real prosthetic hands are used for amputees that want the function of a hand. With innovative technology, these prosthetics are surprisingly real-looking and can perform most of the functions of the original limb. Sizes and colors will vary, so read the eBay description for specific details.

Actual prosthetic versus a glove

On eBay, you can find both prosthetics and gloves to cover the prosthetics. The actual prosthetic looks robotic and is made of metal and other materials. Although you can leave a prosthetic uncovered if you desire, you can also find gloves on eBay to cover them. The gloves are made to look and feel like skin, with fingertips that can grip objects. Most of the time, there are used prosthetic hands for sale, but you can also find them new on eBay.

Can you wear jewelry on a prosthetic hand?

A prosthetic hand may or may not be covered by a cosmetic glove. Either way, the bulk of a prosthetic hand is more than most people's natural hands. So, if you already have jewelry that fit your natural hand, it may not fit on your prosthetic hand. However, a jeweler would be able to resize your rings and bracelets to fit the prosthetic hand. In cases such as a wedding ring, you can even opt to have the ring permanently attached to your prosthetic.

A Michelengelo prosthetic hand incorporates technology

Michelangelo is a type of prosthetic hand that uses technology to give it a very natural feel. Here are a few characteristics of the Michelangelo prosthetics:

  • First prosthetic thumb to be able to move electronically - A second thumb drive lets you move the thumb with electric controls.
  • Mimics natural movement - The thumb, index and middle fingers can be actively moved. The ring finger and pinky follow the movements of the other fingers.
  • Fingertips can grip objects - The fingertips are made from a combination of hard and soft material to ensure you have precision when gripping objects.
  • Active rotation - Part of what makes our hands indispensable is the rotating movement in our wrists. Michelangelo prosthetics mimic this rotation and come very close to a natural rotation, increasing the usability of their hand prosthetic.
  • Resting position - Instead of staying in an unnatural stiff position, the Michelangelo prosthetic hand rests in a natural position when not being used.