paraiba tourmaline

Explore Paraiba Tourmaline for Brilliant Beauty

The rare Paraiba tourmaline gemstone adds a beautiful focal point to any piece of jewelry. Tourmaline's color ranges from green to turquoise, and whichever shade you're seeking, you'll find many affordable options on eBay. Shop new and pre-owned Paraiba tourmaline on eBay and find the right gemstone for you.

Is Paraiba tourmaline GIA available on eBay?

Yes, many listings include the GIA where possible. The Gemological Institute of America (GIA) gives a professional opinion on a gemstone's geographic area of origin if there is enough information available to do so and provides GIA certification. Authentic Paraiba tourmaline is rarer than diamond, and it comes in at the rate of about one Paraiba tourmaline gemstone to every 10,000 diamonds. There are other types of low-cost tourmaline that aren't pure Paraiba, and you can also find reasonably priced manufactured Paraiba tourmaline. You might enjoy shopping for Paraiba topaz in addition to Paraiba tourmaline.

Loose versus set Paraiba tourmaline stones

Often, you will find loose Paraiba gemstones on eBay, but there is finished Paraiba jewelry as well. Looking at a stone loose gives you the opportunity to see the clarity and look at the shape a little better. Buying loose Paraiba stones is a good option for collectors or jewelry-makers, but you can also get custom jewelry made with loose stones and collect ones that match closely. You will find that set stones of Paraiba look very dramatic, and the gemstones appear to glow from within.

What colors does Paraiba tourmaline come in?

Paraiba tourmaline is known for coming in various shades of turquoise blue to green, and they tend to be watery shades. There are many types of inclusions that come with this gem in its natural state also, which can affect the color a bit. You will find that the manufactured versions of this stone feature a unique range of colors, while the various translucency levels in the natural stones give them a unique color set, also. The natural stones have some colors that actually defy close description, but they can be loosely categorized. Some of the main colors are:

  • Neon blue
  • Neon pool blue
  • Neon sky blue
  • Green
  • Natural green-blue