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Find the Oakley Arm Replacements to Complete Your Sunglasses

eBay offers a wide range of Oakley arms for your perusal. These Oakley arm replacements are compatible with several of the company's frames. Familiarizing yourself with some of the main patterns and other features you can get with these sunglasses accessories will help you find the parts that fit your frames or signature look on eBay.

Choosing Oakley arms for your sunglasses

An affordable selection of both new and used Oakley arms are for sale on eBay. There are a couple of ways you can browse through the selection to find the arms that work for you:

  • Temple length - This is a measurement of how long the Oakley arms are as they extend from the ends of the frame to your ears. You'll often find this measurement in millimeters. See the manufacturer site for details on different sizes that interest you.
  • Materials - Some of the most common materials Oakley arm replacement parts use are plastic and metal. You may wish to choose replacement arms based on the pattern options, features, or textures of their particular materials.
Do Oakley arms come in different styles?

Oakley makes sunglasses in a variety of styles to suit different situations or personal tastes. The length or shape of the arms on a pair of sunglasses can influence their overall style. If you have a particular type of Oakley frame and you want to keep that style, use the categories on eBay to find Oakley arms that use the same style. Some of the options you will find are:

  • Wrap - The arms on a wrap pair of Oakley frames usually go over the ears and bend around the back of the head more than standard arm replacements might.
  • Sport - Oakley arms for sport lenses might be wider or thicker than standard ones. The sport arms usually have bright colors or unique pattern options available.
  • Standard - Many frames are compatible with the standard variety of replacement sunglasses arms.
Purchasing pre-owned Oakley arms

You will find brand new and used Oakley arms for your sunglasses on eBay. Getting a pre-owned pair of arms for your frames can be a good way to get a vintage set at an affordable price. In many cases, used arms may include their original tags or packaging. Some pre-owned arms might slow slight signs of normal use. You can also find single right or left arms for the Oakley frames of your choice.

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