mens ruby ring

Show Off Your Style With a Men's Ruby Ring

The rich red color of rubies makes them ideal for bold men's rings. You can slip on a men's ruby ring to complement the elegance of a suit or add a touch of class to a casual outfit.

Your guide to picking out a men's ruby ring

There are plenty of types of rings to pick from on eBay. As you browse through the wide array of men's ruby rings, there are a few aspects you should consider.

  • Metal type: Platinum, silver, titanium, tungsten, and white gold tend to have silvery hues while rose gold and yellow gold have a warmer, yellowish shade.
  • Number of stones: Consider whether you want a single big stone to create a statement or a ring with several small stones clustered together.
  • Ring size: Some ruby rings are sized to fit on a man's pinky while others may be big enough to be a men's thumb ring. Measure your finger carefully to find a ring that fits the desired finger.
  • Stone shape: Rectangular and oval are common shapes for men's rings, but you can also find rubies shaped like squares, circles, pears, and more.
  • Shank design: The wider shank of men's ruby rings allows plenty of space if you want an engraved design alongside it.
Are rubies the same thing as pink sapphires?

Both rubies and sapphires are a type of gemstone made from the corundum mineral, so you can find the same men's ring labeled as a pink men's sapphire ring or a ruby ring. This happens because rubies can be anywhere between light pink, bright red, or deep purple. A pink sapphire is simply a type of ruby that is lighter due to reduced levels of chromium inside the gemstone. People in the US tend to call lighter rubies pink sapphires, but in other areas, paler gems are still just called rubies.

Deciding which ruby cut is right for you

The cut of ruby you pick will greatly alter the appearance of your ring. Here are a few common cuts to think about.

  • Step cut: This style results in a flat gem with straight sides. A square step cut is sometimes called an Asscher cut while a rectangular step cut is called an emerald cut.
  • Cabachon: Used in mens star ruby rings, this cut results in a smooth, opaque surface.
  • Cushion cut: This style is used to create big, squarish rubies with faceted sides.
  • Brilliant cut: The brilliant cut is the traditional round cut with a flat top and tiny triangular facets along the edge.