Buying Guide for Legnano Bicycles

Legnano is a brand of vintage bicycles originally hailing from Italy, making them a unique and functional collector's item. Built for both racing and riding around town, these bikes are as diverse as they are charming. eBay has numerous vintage Legnano bicycles available for those who want to pair their favorite hobby with a piece of Italian history. 

Features of Legnano bicycles 

These vintage collectibles have much to love about them, such as:  

  • Unique vintage design: These bicycles and parts carry a unique aesthetic. These designs are nearly a century old, which gives them a more curve-centric look that is seldom seen in contemporary bikes.
  • Italian quality: These Legnano bicycles boast durability and sturdiness that rivals modern bicycles. Stainless steel and professional-grade rubbers are used to great effect, resulting in a cycling experience that is smooth and consistent.
  • Numerous aesthetic options: There are gently used Legnano bicycles and parts available in a vast assortment of colors, shapes, and styles. Finding one that fits your tastes is simple with eBay's impressive selection.

What individual components are there? 

eBay has a vast assortment of individual parts and components available for you to choose from. These pieces can be used for restorations, maintenance, and repairs:  

  • Frames: OEM Legnano frames are taken directly from the original hardware and are compatible with a range of modern bicycle parts. Check the manufacturer's website for additional information.
  • Seats: These individual seats include the original leather and fabrics from their initial production.
  • Cranks and brackets: These stainless steel Legnano cranks are responsible for providing the bike with the necessary mechanisms for braking and forward acceleration. Likewise, their vintage design adds to the bike's timeless aesthetic.
  • Handlebars: Hardware is lined with genuine Italian leather that provides a comfortable and resilient grip for long riding sessions.
  • Road forks: These sturdy pieces are responsible for holding wheels in place.

How do you find the right vintage Legnano bicycle? 

eBay's selection is stacked with options for hobbyists and collectors alike. If you are looking for a bicycle to serve as a collector's item, you should consider a complete unit. Some options have done little to the bicycles as time has progressed to preserve their original design as closely as possible. Others have had some restoration done to make the bicycles look like new again. Individual listings should clarify the level of restoration a bicycle has undergone in their description pages. If you're a modern cyclist looking to add some vintage flair to your daily ride, eBay's selection of individual components may serve you wonderfully. You can use frames, spokes, and other parts to craft or maintain a modern, value-oriented bicycle that retains the trademark look of genuine-article Legnano bicycles.