lab diamond

Get Plenty of Shine and Sparkle From Lab-Grown Diamonds

The clear brilliance and sparkle of diamonds makes them stand out in any jewelry piece, and the neutral shade lets you easily match your diamond jewelry to any outfit. Thanks to technological advancements, it is now possible to get lab diamonds that look just like the natural thing. You can find these affordable lab diamonds on eBay.

What types of jewelry use lab diamonds?

Lab diamonds can be used in almost any jewelry application. They are often set in engagement rings, tennis bracelets, and other traditional diamond jewelry. However, they can also be used for more unusual diamond-encrusted pieces since they are an affordable diamond alternative. Whether you want lab-made earrings that are just simple studs or more elaborate lab-made diamonds in hip hop jewelry, there is something for you.

Choose from many colors of lab-grown diamonds

Since the lab-made diamond process mimics the natural process by which diamonds are formed, they can be found in any color that natural diamonds are available. The most common color is simply clear or white, but you can frequently find lab diamonds in yellow and orange. It is also possible to get pink, green, and blue lab diamonds, too.

What are lab diamonds made from?

Lab diamonds are made entirely from carbon. They are often made in a process that mimics the natural formation of diamonds, so it involves using a small seed of actual diamond that is grown to a larger size by putting carbon under intense heat and press. Trace elements of things like nitrogen or boron may be added to the carbon mixture while the diamond is being formed to result in unusual colors like blue. Because of the identical materials, the differences between lab diamonds versus real diamonds are often so minimal that gemologists cannot pinpoint them.

In what sizes are lab diamonds available?

Lab-made diamonds are measured by carat, which is a measurement that refers to their overall weight. The processes used to create lab-grown diamonds mean that it is easier to create diamonds for things like lab diamond-coated chains or lab diamond pave-set rings. You usually cannot find lab-created diamonds in sizes larger than 2 carats. However, some manufacturers do have the ability to fashion larger diamonds for things like solitaire lab diamond rings or big lab diamond jewelry hip hop studs.