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Choosing Jewelry From Jes Maharry

Jes Maharry jewelry can be worn for any occasion, and there are a variety of designs available to suit your personality. Start shopping on eBay now to find new and used pieces of jewelry by the designer.

Jewelry types offered by Jes Maharry

Jes Maharry creates a number of different types of jewelry. You can find various custom bundles on eBay, providing you with more than one type.

  • Pendants: Stones, stamped metal, and more that can hang from a chain.
  • Necklaces: Various chains that can go around the neck with or without additional decor on them.
  • Bracelets: Charms, cuffs, and other designs can wrap around the wrist.
  • Rings: Inscribed and decorated bands can be worn on any finger (or toe).
Materials used in Jes Maharry style jewelry

When it comes to the handcrafted jewelry of Jes Maharry, all sorts of different materials are used, some of which are listed here:

  • Beads, bone, deer suede, and leather
  • Sterling silver, gold, and gold plated
  • Turquoise, apatite, pink quartz, and others
What sets Jes Maharry designs apart from others?

Everything created by Jes Maharry is one of a kind. The artisan jewelry is handmade. Additionally, the wonder of the natural and spiritual worlds are represented throughout her work. Additionally, gold and silver are recycled within the designs, and gems are ethically sourced.

What are the options when choosing new Jes Maharry designs?

As you shop for new designs, you will want to consider what body part you are looking to adorn as well as whether you want everyday jewelry or something for a special occasion. There are plenty of unique designs across eBay. By exploring some of the options, it's easier to choose a piece that suits your personality.

  • Jewelry type: Decide whether you want a necklace, ring, or a full set.
  • Colors: Explore different colors, including silver, gold, blue, and red.
  • Clasp: Look to see how necklaces or bracelets clasp to open and close.
  • Base metal: Review the metals that are used, such as sterling silver or gold plating.
  • Stone: Various main stones are used in the jewelry, including moonstones, diamonds, and turquoise.
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