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Finish Your Ensemble With a Hermes Belt Buckle

Adjusting the different belts you have with detachable buckles gives you options to express yourself in your clothing. The removable Hermes belt buckle offers a chance to use the style of the Hermes H on a brown, black, or red belt strap you may have. On eBay, an affordably priced H comes with rough or smooth textures or as precious-metal molds.

Does a Hermes belt buckle fit one type of belt?

The stylish Hermes belt buckle fits both reversible belts and standard one-sided straps. You can couple the buckle with leather, alligator, or synthetic materials like nylon to find the adjusted fit for your waist. Its a unisex item with a suitable look for men or women.

Consider the options and make your choice

A new or used Hermes belt buckle comes in the following varieties on eBay:

  • Hammered silver - This silver buckle is textured with a hammering process that puts stylish dents into the metal. Palladium is also plated for a different sparkle and a bright shine on the surface.
  • Polished gold - Polished metals like gold end off with a high sheen and with no imperfections. These surfaces are smooth with undisturbed lines that reflect light.
  • With or without the belt - Consider whether you prefer your buckle already assembled to a belt or if you have the perfect belt for this large H assembly and design.
  • The undeniable H - The varieties of H include the smiley, which is a Hermes H that has its horizontal line curved as if smiling. Others include large sizes, thick, heavy molds as well as thinned-out frames that use little weight.
  • The double-H: This pattern slides on to a belt of your choice as an H with another H layered on top of it.
Make the impression you need but hold your pants up

Here are some more things to consider for cool Hermes belt buckles:

  • Reversible belts - Reversible belts have two sides with different patterns that you can flip over to use.
  • Brushed finishes - A brushed finish gives you a texture of lines as brushed into a metals surface.
  • New and unused - Find what you need, and the condition you think is most suitable for the style you desire.
  • 32 to 42mm - These diameters give you options of medium and large with altered sizes in between like the 38mm option.
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