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House your Computer Information in an HP Hard Drive Cage

Your HP hard drive is a precarious computer component. It also has all your information on it, so you should protect it with an HP hard drive cage. Browse available DL380 and other enclosures right here on eBay.

What hardware can a hard drive cage hold?

A hard drive cage may hold a standard or SATA HDD 3.5-inch hard drive or a CD-ROM and DVD slot. Others may hold SFF 2.5-inch hard drives in either a laptop or a desktop computer. Additional parts besides your HDD such as a cooling fan, front IO panel, or a backplane board might also be attached to it if you have a kit. It could also come with the PCI connectors used to plug in your cooling fan on it.

How many hard drives can a hard drive cage hold?

This depends on the type of cage you get. Cages may hold two, four, six, or even eight slots for inserting different types of storage drives. Other models may only hold one drive per computer or may have space for memory card readers, USB ports, optical drives, and other computer hardware. If you are attempting to build your own HP tower or are upgrading your current one, it may depend on your motherboard capabilities. Double-check your board to find out what type of hardware you can add to it and your hard drive case.

What computer models can use these hard drive cages?

Several models of computers can use them. Below is a list of a some computer models these hard drive cages work with on eBay.

  • Dell Optiplex- This includes some SFF computers such as the 3020, 7020, and 9020 models.
  • HP DL 380- Some G6 and G7 ones are sometimes available in the 2.5-inch SFF size.
  • Dell T5610- These mini-towers usually hold 3.5-inch HDDs in their cases.
  • HP ProLiant- One you might find a HDD case for is the ML350 G4 and similar models. These sometimes have a six-port backplane.
  • HP DL 360- The G6 version is one example of one that may have cases available with two or more slots.
Are these hard drive cages for internal or external use?

Many of the HP HDD cases are offered for internal installation, but there are others can be used either internally or externally. The external ones are helpful if you have a computer that does not have room for any internal hard drives.

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