Chime to the Sound of Your Own Music With Handbells

Handbells come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, and purposes. Some handbells are used for creating music, and others are intended for home and business use or for even decorations. Find the handbells to suit your needs and your budget on eBay. 

Are handbells musical instruments? 

A music bell, also called a choir handbell, is a special instrument that is rung in conjunction with other bells or with other musical instruments. These bells can create pieces of music entirely on their own by incorporating different tone bells from a set. Each bell has a specific sound and pitch that is designed to give optimal sound quality. The size of the bell generally helps to determine the pitch and tone. See the manufacturer’s site for details. 

Find handbells to add to your collection 

If you are searching for unique antique bells for a collection or just to add some interest to your interior design, eBay is a unique marketplace place to shop for handbells. There are bells handmade from a variety of materials as well as from many time periods. 

Are handbells made from different materials? 

New and used handbells are usually made from a light, yet sturdy metal with a good ring tone. Some of the metals used to create decorative versions include brass, silver, and ceramic. Musical bells are generally made out of brass or even silver. Great care is taken when crafting musical bells to get the proper pitch and tones, which is why the creators of musical bells are so selective with the materials they use to craft them. 

Are there different types of handbells available? 

There are many different types of handbells with a variety of uses. Some are used for school or business to get people’s attention. Others are used for decorations in homes. Perhaps the most notable use is choir bells. These handbells are finely tuned instruments that are valuable and highly collectible. These types of bells can be collected over time or bought in a single listing. 

Different brands of choir handbells 

If you are searching for choir or church varieties for musical pieces, then you may want to consider buying a reputable brand of a handbell. You can buy them either individually or by the set. Look for these brand names to help ensure that you purchase quality bells that are going to last for years. The most notable names to look for on listings include:  

  • Shulmerich
  • Malmark
  • Suzuki
  • Jenco