egyptian gold cartouche

Fascinating Details About Egyptian Gold Cartouches

Thousands of years ago, the cartouche was a revered symbol in ancient Egypt. This oval shape with a flat end was used to frame the name of a ruler. Fast forward thousands of years to the 21st century and an Egyptian gold cartouche can be a fun reproduction of a historical item or a meaningful object that includes the name of someone important to you; eBay has a wide selection.

Is there a difference between the types of gold?

Your Egyptian gold cartouche may look or feel differently depending on which one of these materials used to make it.

  • Gold-colored: A variety of metals and pigments combine to get a warm, yellowish color.
  • Gold-plated: This is a cartouche with actual gold used as plating and another metal inside the plating.
  • 14k gold: 14k gold is a mix of gold and other metals. It is quite sturdy and has a faintly silver hue.
  • 18k gold: 18k gold is a type of alloy with a high percentage of gold, so it has a shiny, yellow appearance.
  • 24k gold: Also called solid gold, this is gold not mixed with other strengthening ingredients.
Can you get used cartouches with a name on it?

It is possible to find personalized Egyptian cartouche jewelry that lets you put any name inside the oval. You can have names written in a modern alphabet or with names written in hieroglyphs. The latter, antique Egyptian language used small pictures instead of letters, and each picture represents a different sound. A modern name with multiple consonants is often represented with only a few hieroglyphs.

Types of jewelry that use the cartouche symbol

Egyptian gold cartouches have a clean, simple shape that can work in a variety of jewelry styles. You can wear pendants as an Egyptian necklace or gold cartouche earrings. You can also find gold Egyptian cartouches shaped to work as a cartouche ring, cartouche bracelet, or even cartouche cufflinks.

The symbolism of a cartouche

The cartouche shape is meant as a stylized version of a rope wrapped around a name and tied closed. It was called "shen," which means "encircled." In ancient Egyptian times, the Egyptian cartouche represented all that the sun enclosed, so it was both a protective symbol as well as one of the pharaoh's power.