color by number

Relieve Stress With Color-By-Number Books

Coloring on paper with crayons is a mainstay of children's art, but detailed coloring books make it easy for adults to enjoy this pastime, too. Adult color-by-number books allow you to focus on the process of applying color to specific areas in order to create a pleasing design. Getting started with these books allows you to express yourself and take a break from your stress-inducing thoughts all while making something fun.

How difficult are color-by-number mandalas?

If you can identify patterns and minute details, you can color a highly detailed mandala. You can't make a mistake when doing a mindfulness color-by-number project. Adult coloring pages facilitate mindfulness and help you focus on the present moment. Even if you go outside the lines or put clashing colors next to each other, the end result will be inspiring and unique. You focus on the small details, which frees you to leave your worries behind as you let intuition and instinct take over. Your brain relaxes while your hands do the work.

Supplies to use on relaxation coloring books

After you choose a relaxation coloring book for adult color-by-number projects, you'll need to select one or more types of media for applying color to the pages. The options include:

  • Markers: Thin-tip markers are ideal for applying color to small areas on a coloring page. Look for markers that won't bleed through if your coloring book's pages are double-sided. Consider markers that are refillable or feature a brush tip on one end and a chisel tip on the other.
  • Gel pens: These come in neon, metallic, and matte finishes in every color of the rainbow.
  • Colored pencils: These are a common choice for adult color-by-number books. They come in standard, erasable, watercolor, metallic and iridescent options.
  • Crayons: Crayons sharpened to a fine point work well for applying color to larger areas of adult color-by-number books.
How do you blend colors in relaxation coloring books?

Blending colors in adult color-by-number books is easiest when using colored pencils. Choose a pencil that has a high wax content. The wax makes the pigments easier to blend on the paper fibers. Making light applications of different colors is the simplest way to blend. Apply a light layer of one color, then use a different color of pencil to apply the next layer. A colorless blender pencil is another option for blending custom colors on your pages.