cartier tank ring

Discover All the Details About the Cartier Tank Ring

A bold ring can be the finishing touch that turns any basic outfit into a stylish look. The sleek lines and chunky width of the Cartier Tank ring result in a memorable piece of jewelry you can wear at a variety of professional, formal, and casual occasions. You can find a myriad of these rings on eBay.

Are there difference between the Tank and the Tank Francaise?

The Cartier Tank ring and the Cartier Tank Francaise ring are both part of the Tank de Cartier collection inspired by the Cartier Tank watch. However, they do not look identical. The classic Tank ring has a smooth band that gets slightly larger towards the front and a single, large gemstone. In contrast, the Tank Francaise has a notched, engraved band meant to mimic the shape of watch links, and it may not have any gemstones at all. Tank Francaise watches that do have gemstones will have rows of tiny round gems instead of one big square gem.

The many beautiful gemstone options for Tank rings

The key stylistic feature of the Cartier Tank ring is the square gemstone centered on the front of the ring. This stone is typically some sort of precious or semiprecious stone, and the company often uses common birthstones for the rings. There are all sorts of gem types used for the Tank watches, including:

  • Purple amethyst
  • Pink tourmaline
  • Black onyx
  • Blue aquamarine
  • Yellow citrine
Do the men's and women's versions look the same?

The Cartier men's ring and Cartier women's rings in the Tank collection have more differences than their available sizes. The men's version of the Cartier Tank ring has a much thicker band, so it stands up more from the hand, and it covers more of the length of the finger.

Reasons to get a pre-owned Tank ring

When shopping for Tank rings, you may notice that many of the options are pre-owned. Getting a used Cartier Tank ring has a few advantages. First of all, it is often more affordable to get a ring that has a previous owner. Secondly, the classic version of the Tank ring is not produced much anymore. You can still easily find brand new Cartier Tank Francaise rings, but if you want the traditional Tank ring, you will most likely need to shop for a used version on eBay.

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