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An Introduction to the Cartier Panthère Icon

Established in 1847 in Paris, Cartier is known for producing luxury timepieces. Founder Louis-François Cartier and creative director Jeanne Toussaint created the Cartier Panthère icon in 1914. The wildcat was first featured on a Cartier wristwatch that year.

On what items does the Cartier Panthère appear?

The panthère, or panther, in English, appears on a number of pieces of Cartier jewelry. After its first appearance on a wristwatch, Maison Cartier began placing the iconic creature on bracelets, necklaces, and rings. It even released Cartier Panthère sunglasses and glasses. Throughout the years, the design house has produced various lines that included the Panthère, so it appears during many time periods, most recently surfacing on its wristwatches from the 1980s. While these are no longer in production, vintage Cartier Panthère jewelry pieces and wristwatches for men and women remain available on eBay.

Cartier also released a perfume named after the Panthère icon. It also appears on various accessories issued by the design house. These include various styles of purses with the animal motif featured as the closure or featured as an emblem on the bag. You'll also find the panther featured on briefcases, day planners, lighters, and writing pens.

What materials are used in crafting Panthère timepieces?

Cartier crafts its panther jewelry and watches using various precious metals and jewels. These include gold, platinum, and stainless steel. Some crocodile and leather bands were also crafted. In addition, some Panthère watches are diamond encrusted. Its 1980s wristwatches feature a design similar to the Cartier Panthère Santos line. However they featured a modern quartz movement on the inside. The original Panthère timepiece used a simple gold design. Its later models varied in design and features. The Panthère Vendome appeared in yellow gold or yellow gold and steel with a blue sapphire featured on its crown. The Panthère Rondo features a satin finished yellow gold and steel design with a sapphire crystal.

What items can you still find available?

Many vintage items from the Cartier Panthère collection remain available, especially those from the 1980s and 1990s. These include:

  • The Maillon Panther
  • Mini Panther watches
  • Stainless Steel Panther watches
  • The Santos watch line
  • Various Panthère rings
  • Various Panthère bracelets
  • Various Panthère necklaces
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