beach cart

Lighten Your Load With a Beach Cart

Whether you're hauling gear or transporting small children, a beach cart can help you do the job comfortably. Just load your beach gear, gardening tools, picnic supplies, or other goodies in the cart, then easily pull it behind you to reduce the trips you make from the car and avoid lugging heavy coolers and bags. eBay offers hundreds of affordable new carts as well as some preowned options. 

Choose from fabric and metal carts 

Some carts' wagons have fabric trolleys, while others have trolleys made of metal mesh. If you use your cart rarely, or only for items that weigh less than 150 pounds, consider a fabric cart for convenient storage. You can remove the fabric wagon, fold it, and hide it away until you need it again. Some carts also feature collapsible frames for even easier storage. Metal carts hold more weight; some can carry up to 400 pounds. 

How do you choose the right wheels? 

Wheels aren't an issue if your beach cart is destined for paved walking trails or boardwalk strolls. If you plan on giving your cart more of a workout, wheels become more important. If you're bound for the beach or other sandy areas, wide, smooth tires work well. Over rougher terrain like gravel or clay, you might want wheels with beefy tread that can grab hold of uneven surfaces and roll over them easily. Many carts come with all-terrain wheels, a good choice if you're not sure where your adventures will take you. 

What features should you look for? 

While size, material and wheel type are all important, there are other features you may want to consider:  

  • An aluminum cart: Aluminum frames are lightweight and easy to get into and out of the trunk of your car.
  • Powder-coated finishes: Metal surfaces on cart frames are prone to rust if the paint chips or peels. Powder coating provides a more durable finish.
  • Folding sides: Some metal carts feature a trolley with sides that fold down to accommodate larger loads.
  • Versatility: Some beach cart frames include cup holders or umbrella stands. A few can serve as portable tables.

Vertical and horizontal carts both have advantages 

Some carts feature a wagon-like design, while others are vertical and more closely resemble a hand truck. An upright cart makes it easier to haul things like sun canopy poles and folded beach umbrellas that would hang over the edge of a wagon-style cart. A wagon, however, is shallower, making it easy to find small items that might fall to the bottom of an upright cart. The choice is largely about personal preference since both styles will carry plenty of gear.