art deco engagement ring

The Many Different Styles of Art Deco Engagement Rings

Whether you're waiting to buy the right engagement ring, or you've already started to shop around, you should definitely have a few things in mind as you consider buying the forever ring. Some things to look for are the settings of the ring, the stone, the color, and the metal material. Art Deco engagement rings from eBay come in many different stones and styles.

What type of Art Deco engagement rings are available?

Before selecting the right new or vintage Art Deco engagement ring on eBay, you should have an idea of what your significant other prefers in rings. Art Deco engagement rings have multiple styles. Below are just some of the styles you can find on eBay:

  • Edwardian Art Deco engagement rings
  • Modern Art Deco engagement rings
  • 1920s engagement rings
  • Rose gold Art Deco engagement rings
  • 1910s engagement rings
What kind of material are the rings made of?

The rings are made of different materials. You can pick the metal material based on your preference and what your significant other likes to wear. Here is a list of materials available in an Art Deco engagement ring:

  • Gold
  • Sterling silver
  • Diamond
  • Mixture of the above styles
What type of stones are available?

Choosing the right stone is an important aspect of choosing a ring. The Art Deco engagement rings offer many different stones. Some stones are vintage, some are modern, and some are colored. Below is a list of the different types of stones.

  • Edwardian Art Deco engagement rings offer vintage, and antique stones.
  • Modern Art Deco engagement ring offer diamond stones.
  • 1920s engagement rings have unique, colored stones.
  • Rose gold stones
Different Art Deco engagement ring settings

There are classic and modern settings available with the Art Deco engagement rings. Choosing the right setting should depend on your significant other preference in rings.

  • Prong setting: Featuring a single diamond, this is the traditional engagement ring.
  • Channel setting: Stones are next to each other without any metal separating them.
  • Cluster setting: One big stone is surrounded by many smaller stones. They are designed to create a diamond jewelry from many small stones.