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The adidas Superstar Is

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adidas Superstar

The adidas Superstar was born in 1969, designed as a low-top version of the adidas basketball shoe called the Pro Model. adidas executives watched as the Superstar sneaker, nicknamed the “Shell Top” or the “Shell Toe” because of its distinctive shell-shaped toe, exploded in popularity.

In addition to capturing the attention of top basketball players like Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, the Superstar sneaker grew in stature as everyone from break dancers to hip-hop artists started sporting the shoe.

What is the history of the adidas superstar vintage shoe?

It was in the 1980s when the Superstar sneaker scaled globally. Hip-hop group Run DMC wore the adidas Superstars as part of their uniform, pairing them with Kangol hats and tracksuits. The new twist they brought to their Superstars was that they wore the sneakers without laces. That one little detail made them famous. The streets were filled with people mimicking the style, an homage to prisoners who have to give up their shoelaces when in jail. adidas signed an endorsement deal with Run DMC and in 1986, the song “My adidas” was born. The song reiterated the band's love for their adidas Superstars, and the rest is history.

Over the years, adidas released many different versions of these 80s vintage adidas shoes.

adidas Superstar Multicolor Shoe

What are some of the features of these shoes?

In addition to the Superstar’s unique style, players were also attracted to the unusual combination of the shoe’s shell toe and the unique leather upper, features that weren't seen in sneakers at the time. Not only did the sneakers look good, but they were protective of players’ feet.

What are some of the iconic adidas Superstar releases?

The adidas Lego Superstar was released as part of a pack at the beginning of 2008. The pack contained a Lego-inspired Superstar and a pair of adidas ZX7 50s. The Superstar had a simple gray upper with a black shell toe. The shoe’s three stripes were blue, yellow, and red, and they were meant to reference Lego’s primary colors. The laces were blue.

The adidas x Def Jam 25th anniversary collection featured a gorgeous Superstar made of red suede. The red suede completely covered the upper, and the shell toe and sole were a vibrant white. The stripes and laces were black.

adidas Superstar White Shoe

Another extremely popular Superstar was the Los Angeles Lakers Superstar released in the 2009-2010 basketball season. This metallic-gold and purple Superstar celebrated the Lakers' 15th NBA championship win.

Perhaps the most popular superstar release is the Run DMC x adidas Superstar '80s "My adidas" sneaker. Released in 2011, this shoe celebrated the 25th anniversary of the song “My adidas”. The shoe comes with a gold rope chain, and “1986” is imprinted on the back of the shoe, celebrating the year of the release of the song.

Is the adidas Superstar true to size?

Generally speaking, these adidas throwback shoes run true to size. They're large shoes with a large toe, so some need to go down a half size. See the manufacturer's site for details.

Can the adidas Superstar be worn anywhere?

These shoes have a simple, elegant design that works whether you're wearing khakis, jeans, or shorts. They can tone down a serious outfit, and they can blend in beautifully with a simple one.

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