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Stan Smiths Are Stylish on the Courts and in the Boardroom

adidas Stan Smith White Sneakers

When many people look for a stylish tennis shoe, they often turn to adidas Stan Smiths. These '80s adidas sneakers are some of the most popular shoes in the brands entire line, lauded for their laid-back good looks and their simple lines.

adidas Stan Smith History

The adidas Stan Smith line started out in 1965 as the adidas Robert Haillet. Haillet was an extremely popular French tennis player who played up until 1971. This was about the time that the brand decided to create its very first shoe specifically for tennis. The shoe featured a portrait of Haillet on the tongue. When Haillet retired in 1971, adidas decided to change the shoes name to the adidas Stan Smith. Stan Smith was an American tennis player who was rated number one in the world at the time, and he became the face of the tournament edition '80's adidas shoes. This was considered an excellent marketing move since it increased adidass brand presence in the U.S. Initially, both Haillet and Smith were featured on the shoes, but after 1978, Haillet's name was removed, and Smiths name and image remained. Over time, the shoe evolved from being just a tennis shoe to being a lifestyle, everyday shoe.

adidas actually removed Stan Smith sneakers from shelves in 2012 before re-introducing the line in 2014 under the adidas Originals umbrella. The relaunch was accompanied by a major social media campaign that targeted celebrities. When the celebrities received their shoes, their portraits were on the tongue of the shoe instead of Stan Smiths.

What types of outfits work well with the Stan Smith sneakers?

Because the Stan Smith sneakers have such a laid-back, casual look, they work well as an accompaniment to many different types of outfits. They can make dress clothes appear more casual while they work perfectly with activewear or casual workday clothes. The line is simple and stylish, and everyone knows what it is, so you'll always be sure that you look your best and on trend.

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How has the shoe changed over the years?

When looking for your Stan Smith adidas shoes, there are differences between the originals and those that are produced today depending on the model and style you choose. When the shoe first came out, it was unusual because it was one of the first shoes that was made out of leather versus canvas. However, the leather shoe offers a lot more support. The original shoe was green and white. Later versions of the shoe substituted the green with red or navy. Newer versions of the shoes are adorned with a larger selection of materials, including knit and suede. The newer models also featured interesting elements, like artwork and special designs created by celebrity collaborators.

What are some of the limited edition or celebrity-endorsed Stan Smith sneakers?

It's become a badge of honor among celebrities to design limited edition Stan Smith casual dress shoes with adidas, and these limited editions and collabs often sell out very quickly. There are Star Wars additions of the Stan Smith shoes, including a Master Yoda edition, a Millennium Falcon edition, and a Darth Vader edition. Some of the celebrity collaborations include ones with Stella McCartney, Ellen DeGeneres, and Pharrell. Pharrells collaboration with adidas resulted in the brand achieving its most profitable year to date in 2015.

What are the features of the Stan Smith shoe?

The shoes silhouette is extremely simple. The main standout stylistic difference associated with Stan Smith sneakers versus other adidas sneakers is that Stan Smiths dont have the brands signature three stripes on the side. Instead, the shoe comes with perforations. The decision to give the shoe perforations instead of the stripes may have been what drew people to it since it made the shoe look more casual and less athletic.

The tongue of the shoe has a picture of Stan Smith. This feature was initiated in the 1980s, and it continues to be used to this day. The upper is made out of soft full-grain leather with some versions featuring canvas, suede, or nubuck. The brand's signature trefoil logo is located in the heel area while the shoe's toe box gives it a classic and simple appearance.

The Stan Smith sneakers sole is made out of tonal rubber that comes complete with a cushion in the sole. There is very minimal support, and there is EVA located in the midsole. The shoe also comes with a molded sock liner that provides the wearer with comfortable, cushioned support all day long.

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Are Stan Smiths true to size?

Stan Smiths adidas '80s tennis shoes generally run true to size. If you cant try on a pair in person, you may want to go at least a half size larger.

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