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adidas SL 76 Athletic Shoes

adidas SL 76 Athletic Shoes

The adidas SL 76 are retro-style sneakers that have a classic running shoe design and silhouette. These 1976 vintage adidas shoes are part of adidas' revival of classic, iconic styles, called the adidas Originals SL line of sneakers. The nostalgic look of these athletic shoes have a history going back to the 1970s.

How are the fit and feel of the adidas SL 76 sneakers?

The ultra-light weight of the material used helps keep these sneakers from feeling cumbersome. The EVA foam that is used in the midsole offers a lot of cushioning and support to help the foot feel good even after long runs. The flexibility of the upper allows a full range of motion of the foot which will help prevent twists and sprains.

The ghillie loop lacing system makes it easier to quickly tighten your shoes and allows them to remain tight longer than a traditional eyelet system. The sole has good arch support for the foot. The rubber toe bumpers help protect the toes when running and encourages proper running technique. The grip of the outsole is good for preventing unwanted slides on both pavement and natural terrain while running. See the manufacturer site for details.

What materials are the adidas SL 76 sneakers made from?

The uppers on the adidas SL 76 sneakers are made from suede. This gives it that classic, retro look while also providing good durability on the structure of the sneaker. The suede also keeps the sneakers at a lighter weight and provides good flexibility and breathability. The midsole is made from EVA foam for added cushioning compared to the original SL 72 sneakers. The blown rubber outsole is paired with matching rubber toe bumpers. The outsole and toe bumpers provide durability on pavement and help absorb impact for both sprinting and long-distance jogging.

adidas SL 76 Athletic Shoes

Do the adidas SL 76 come in a wide variety of styles and colors?

The adidas SL 76 sneakers come in a wide variety of colors, although they are almost exclusively in the same style as the originals. Color patterns can be monotone for a more subtle look. However, most varieties come in a vibrant, two-tone pattern. For instance, their green and yellow adidas shoes make it look like you traveled to Rio de Janeiro for these shoes. The Brazil color shoes allow fans of the Brazilian soccer team to show off their fandom. The wide variety of colors that the adidas SL 76 sneakers come in aren't always available.

On top of their standard color line-up that has been around since the revival of this classic shoe line, adidas has also been releasing specific colors in exclusive, limited-edition releases. While many colors are widely available, if you have a specific color combination in mind, you'll need to see if it was released in one of the limited-edition runs or if it will be released in a future one.

What is the history of the adidas SL 76 athletic shoes?

These sneakers are a throwback to the original running shoes that came out in 1976. They were created just in time for their debut ahead of the Montreal Olympic Games. The SL 76 sneakers were the second sneakers that adidas designed as super-light running sneakers. The first that pioneered the super light range of sneakers were the SL 72 athletic running shoes. However, the SL 76 were the first to introduce both the ghillie loop lacing system and midsoles made from EVA.

adidas SL 76 Athletic Shoes

The SL 72 didn't have either of these forward-thinking features when they were released a few years earlier. When adidas launched their Originals line of sneakers in 1991, they began re-releasing popular sneakers from the past. The SL 76 sneakers are a more recent release to keep up with the public's demand for retro athletic shoes. Staying true to the original 1976 release, the SL 76 sneakers come with both the serrated leather three-band logo and traditional rubber toe bumpers.

adidas SL 76 vs. adidas SL 72

adidas SL 76 adidas SL 72
Lacing Ghillie Loop System Traditional Eyelets
Midsole Material EVA Rubber
Fit True to size A little narrow

What kind of activities are the adidas SL 76 good for?

Traditionally, the adidas SL 76 are pure running shoes. Their light construction, durable material, rubber toe bumper, and grip pattern are primarily designed for long-distance running. They can also be used for several other track and field events. They make good cross-training shoes if you are looking for something to use as a general athletic shoe or just something to wear to the gym. Because these sneakers have a strong grip that is made for running, they aren't really made for sports like tennis where the need to slide on the court is important.

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