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adidas Yeezy Slides - FAQs

How did adidas Yeezy slides originate?

The Yeezy brand and adidas collaborated to design the adidas Yeezy slides. The first edition of the shoes came out in the spring of 2018. The Yeezy slides were showcased at a celebrity wedding. The slip-on sandals have a distinctive and minimalistic appearance available in several colorways.

What materials are adidas Yeezy slides made from?

adidas Yeezy slides are constructed from lightweight foam materials. The sandals have materials such as EVA (ethylene-vinyl acetate) for additional cushioning and comfort. The Yeezy Slide Bone, for example, has a toothy rubberized sole for traction in various weather conditions. Wear socks with Yeezy slides in cold temperatures to keep your feet warm.

Are adidas Yeezy slides suitable for use in swimming pools or at the beach?

adidas Yeezy slides are useful when going to the pool or beach. They have specific design features to make them water-resistant to a certain extent.

How are Yeezy slides different from regular slides?

Yeezy slides feature a one-piece construction for a unibody look. The contoured footbed provides enhanced comfort compared to regular slides. These sandals also have Yeezy branding on the top, distinguishing them from regular slides.

Do Yeezy slides come in different color options?

Yes, adidas released Yeezy slides in various colorways throughout the brand's history. They have options in neutral tones and bold colorways. Some of the brightest color options include the Yeezy Slide Green Glow and Yeezy Slide Azure. These sandals use neon colorways to help them stand out.

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