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Slip Into the 1970s With the adidas SL 72s

adidas SL 72 Sneakers

As one of the styles in the adidas Originals line, the adidas SL 72 sneakers for men are a step above other retro-inspired clothing in that they remain very true to the original version that adidas made and sold in the 1970s. However, they also have some of the modern touches that make them of even better quality than they were back when these styles were in their hey-day.

What are the style choices for these sneakers?

As a shoe that faithfully captures the style of running shoes from the 1970s, the adidas SL 72s have a toe box that tapers toward the toes, and they have a lace-up front. These shoes feature the three-stripe design on the inner and outer mid-sole. They also have a synthetic and suede upper, which gives them the high-end look of having a leather product with the durability and cleanability of a synthetic. The outsole features a rubber bottom and colored layers. Plus, you'll be interested to know that the SL 72s were the first adidas shoe to feature the trefoil logo that adidas is known for.

adidas SL 72 Sneakers

These track-inspired sneakers come in an array of color combinations. Blue and white, black and white, blue and yellow, and white and gray with red and blue stripes are some of the most common color combinations that you'll find. Some less common color combinations include gray with white stripes and a yellow line in the sole, maroon and teal, gray and hunter green, and white uppers with yellow soles.

What activities can you do in these shoes?

While a shoe like the Solar Red adidas trainers might be the more common choice for running today since they're a reproduction of the running shoes that were made in the 1970s and were also the 1972 Olympic Games shoes, you can still go for a run in the SL 72s. But these 72 vintage trainers were also made to show off style. The retro vibe is something that you can definitely incorporate into your everyday outfits for when you go to the grocery store, head out for a night on the town, or attend a sporting event.

adidas SL 72 Sneakers

What materials are these shoes constructed with?

One of the features that are on the 72s that are manufactured today that weren't on the ones that were made in the 1970s is the EVA insole, which adds more cushion underfoot. EVA is ethylene-vinyl acetate, which was discovered in the 1930s but wasn't used in shoes until decades later.

In fact, it wasn't until a few years later, in 1975, that the first running shoe was made with an EVA insole, so the current version of the adidas 72s has a material that adds more cushion than the original version of the 72s had.

adidas SL 72 Sneakers

What are the shoe size options?

These classic adidas sneakers come in sizes 3 to 13.5 in men's sizes. They have a narrower fit because they stayed true to what the shoes were originally like. But this low-top shoe runs true to size otherwise.

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