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adidas Jeremy Scott Men's Shoes Large

About adidas Jeremy Scott Shoes

Take your sneaker game to the next level with covetable, collectible kicks from one of fashion’s most fun-loving rebels. From the launch of the first Jeremy Scott x adidas Originals collab in 2008, Scott helped to usher in a new era of sneaker obsession (and bidding wars!) by channeling his signature tongue-in-cheek style sense into shoes sporting wings, teddy bear heads, handcuffs, bones, pandas and more!
His effervescent fashion collections from both his namesake brand and as creative director of Moschino not only boldly reference pop culture, but have become sought-after fashion pieces in their own right.
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Be The Wings: Jeremy Scott Adidas Shoes

If you have a unique style and like showing off with the clothes you wear, it'd be a good idea to add a pair of Jeremy Scott Adidas to your shoe collection. The shoes are filled with an endless array of colors and features that will catch the eye of anybody you walk past. Truly express your inner spirit by lacing up a pair of Adidas Wings shoes designed by Jeremy Scott.

Which Jeremy Scott Adidas shoes are available?

There are many different types of Jeremy Scott Adidas for sale on eBay. These are a few of the shoes that are available:

  • Jeremy Scott Instinct Adidas - These shoes are black and yellow. They are standard and don't have wings. These are more ideal if you enjoy a traditional Adidas look without much flare.
  • Jeremy Scott Superman Adidas - These Jeremy Scott wing shoes are a mix of red, blue, and yellow. If you're a fan of Superman, these shoes are right for you.
  • Jeremy Scott Poodle Pink Adidas - These shoes are a unique style. Rather than the wings that are usually found on Jeremy Scott Adidas, these sneakers are pink and designed to look like poodles. The Poodle Pink Adidas shoes are perfect if you're a dog lover.
  • Jeremy Scott Stars and Stripes 2.0 Adidas - These are designed to resemble the American flag. Show your patriotism by stepping out in the red, white, and blue in the Adidas Jeremy Scott wings.
Unique features that Jeremy Scott shoes have

The attachments on Jeremy Scott Adidas can vary from shoe to shoe. These are a few features that can be found on Jeremy Scott Adidas:

  • Wings - Wings are the most commonly used features on Jeremy Scott Adidas shoes. They are attached on the heels, midsoles, or laces of the sneakers and are ideal for anyone who enjoys having shoes that stick out from the rest.
  • Colors - The shoes are filled with a variety of colors and materials that can suit all your needs and wants.
  • LED Lights - Certain Jeremy Scott Adidas shoes have LED lights on the heel that light up with every step.
How to find the right Jeremy Scott Adidas shoes

These are things to consider when looking for the ideal shoes to buy:

  • Style - When picking out a pair of Jeremy Scott shoes, it's important to find one that is compatible with your style. Some sneakers might appeal to you more than others depending on the style that you have.
  • Attachments - The attachments on the shoes can vary from wings, lights, or stuffed animals. When buying a pair of Jeremy Scott Adidas, it's important to decide which attachment you'd like to have on your sneakers before purchasing them.
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