ZEISS products range from hunting rifle scopes and hunting binoculars to cameras and camera lenses. Their lenses range from 50-millimeter ones for rangefinder cameras to 85-millimeter lenses that can be used with a variety of different camera types. ZEISS also has an array of lab microscopes to select from, ranging from portable microscopes to digital microscopes.

What are the different types of ZEISS lenses available?

There are a variety of camera lenses available for you to choose from, including wide-angle and macro lenses.

  • Fish-eye: This is a type of lens that offers up a field of view when snapping a photo of nearly 180 degrees. Because of this wide viewing angle, there is a distinct distortion at the edges.
  • Macro: This type of lens is designed for close-up situations where the object of the photo is nearly touching the lens glass.
  • Telephoto: This is a type of lens that comes with a long focal length, which produces an image that is magnified along with a field of view that is narrowed. Due to the way in which these images are magnified, the objects within the photo appear close to the camera.
  • Wide-angle: This encompasses any type of lens that comes with a short focal length as the picture that is produced consists of more of a scene than with longer focal lengths.
  • Zoom: This is a type of ZEISS lens that is equipped with a focal length range that can be altered at any point in time.
What are the different reticle types available with ZEISS scopes?

ZEISS makes hunting rifle scopes that come equipped with a variety of reticle types.

  • BDC: This is a type of reticle that compensates for the drop of a bullet at certain distances. A dot will appear on the reticle for different yardage amounts in order to take gravity into account.
  • Crosshair: This type consists of a vertical line and horizontal line that meet in the middle of the scope lens.
  • Duplex: This is a type of reticle that consists of bold and lighter lines that allow you to take the range of a shot into account.
  • Illuminated: This is a reticle type wherein the lines will become illuminated in low-light conditions, such as at night or in the early hours of the morning.
  • Mil dot: This type is comprised of four dots along each of the four lines in order to identify where to aim from specific distances.
What are the different types of optical microscopes?

There are a variety of optical microscope types from ZEISS that you can select. A compound microscope is comprised of an objective lens with a short focal length and an eyepiece with a long focal length in order to achieve a magnified image. Both of these lenses are situated in the same tube. A stereo microscope is a type by ZEISS that is designed with parts that allow for a view of a sample at a low magnification. This type of microscope uses two separate eyepieces, one for each eye.

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