Explore the Features of a Yashica 35mm T4 Camera

Yashica began manufacturing photography equipment in 1949, and Kyocera marketed their products from 1983 to 2005. Their line includes notable collaborations on lens units with German optical manufacturer Carl Zeiss and various iterations of a compact 35mm camera dubbed the T4. If you are searching for a particular model on eBay, knowing what variations you might find could help you choose the one that meets your needs.

What focus types are available to you?

You may wish to choose a device depending on how it brings your subjects into focus. Some 35mm cameras might include several options for focusing a picture and making it clearer in the lens. Some common options you might find during your eBay search are:

  • Automatic - In this case, the camera will attempt to bring an image into focus automatically based on preset options.
  • Manual - This type of camera allows you to adjust the focus manually to suit the situation.
  • Fixed - The focus is fixed at one setting. Note that you may be able to find Tessar models that feature both manual and automatic focus.
What camera features are available?

You may have particular criteria in mind as you are looking at the various affordable Yashica products on eBay. If you would like to find a device with certain features to suit your needs, you may be able to use the options on the side to filter your results. Some features you might find during your search are:

  • Date Imprint - This feature will encode a date and time onto each photo you take with your equipment.
  • Red Eye - A device with red-eye settings may be able to reduce the presence of redness that can occur in photos that use flash.
  • A Timer - Some models may feature a timer that could allow you to set up and participate in your own shots instead of being behind the lens.
How do you maintain a T4 camera?

Although the precise instructions for maintaining these devices can vary depending on the model you use, some of the tips below may help you. Note that these general tips may be useful for various iterations of Yashica's products under Carl Zeiss or Kyocera.

  • Storage - Store the device in a sealed case or bag when not in use.
  • Cleaning - Use a clean microfiber cloth and soft strokes to clean dirt or debris from the lens.
  • Safety - Use a camera strap to mitigate the risk of dropping it.
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