Find Parts for an Array of Yamaha Vehicles

The Yamaha Motor Company has produced vehicles such as motorcycles, scooters, and boats for more than 60 years. It develops and manufactures parts and accessories for many of these vehicles. Familiarizing yourself with the products and parts Yamaha offers can help you find the items that fit your needs or preferences.

What parts are available for Yamaha motorcycles?

The company produces a line of motorcycles that it sells under its brand name. You can find accessories and equipment for every part of the motorcycle should you need to repair or replace anything. Some common parts you will find during your search include the following:

  • Engine parts - There are several types of equipment available for your Yamaha motorcycle engine. These parts include compatible carburetors for various motors, air or oil filters, fuel caps, and intake manifolds.
  • Frame parts - If you're repairing or updating your Yamaha's frame, you can get parts such as restyling kits, racing sliders, fairings, dampers, decals, and paint.
  • Suspension and brake parts - You can check the brakes and suspension category to find parts such as brake shoes, pads, and levers, shock absorbers, fork tubes, and seal kits.
  • Lighting kits - This category includes Yamaha motorcycle parts such as turn signals, headlight bulbs, and brake indicators.
Can you purchase complete motorcycles?

Yamaha offers a range of motorcycles that are ready for you to ride. You can choose a particular model year and name or browse by type. Some common types of motorcycles you will come across are listed here:

  • Cruiser - This type of motorbike is made in a style that was dominant up to the 1960s. The design of the bike places your feet far forward and your hands above center. Your back will be straight or reclined slightly.
  • Sport touring - A sport touring bike is a dual-purpose vehicle. It generally uses the performance capabilities you would expect to see from a regular sport bike and combines them with convenient features you might find in a long-distance motorcycle.
  • Off-road - Yamaha builds off-road motorcycles that you can use if you ride on surfaces that are not paved or smooth. The tires, frame, and suspension can contend with uneven surfaces.
How can you keep your scooter in shape?

If you ride a scooter from Yamaha, there's lots of equipment available to help you keep it in good working order. Some of the most common parts you can find for the company's scooters are described below:

  • Transmission - This category includes scooter parts such as filters, modulators, transmission mounts, sensor arrays, and clutch systems.
  • Wheels and tires - If you need to replace the wheels or tires on your scooter, you can find items such as wheel rims, tire brake discs, tire sets, caps, and axle collar nuts.
  • Handlebars - Handlebars can include things such as Yamaha scooter lever controls for the brakes, start-and-stop switches, handlebar risers, spacers, clutch levers, and grips.
  • Instruments - These can include speedometers, instrument shields, drive gauges, and cables.