Yamaha Motorcycles

All You Need to Know About Yamaha Motorcycles

Whether you're commuting to work, racing competitively, or simply riding casually, getting a Yamaha bike can be a good addition to your lifestyle. They are versatile, fast, safe, and easier to maintain than cars. Find out the answers to some key questions before choosing the right motorcycle for you.

The types of Yamaha motorcycles available

These motorcycles are available in a variety of models and have a wide range of features and amenities that make them useful for sports, commuting, long-distance travel, and other functions. Here are some common makes on eBay Motors:

  • Bolt - It features a high tank, short wheelbase, and an air-cooled V-twin engine.
  • Fazer - This bike has a four-cylinder engine and a sporty lightweight design.
  • Yamaha FZ - This is a midsize sporty bike with a liquid-cooled engine and a minimalistic design.
  • Yamaha MT - This sport motorcycle is equipped with traction control and an anti-lock braking system.
  • Yamaha XT - This motorcycle has a liquid-cooled engine, electronically adjustable suspensions, cruise control, and a three-traction control system.

Reasons to buy a new Yamaha motorcycle

There are several benefits to buying a new motorcycle. These include:

  • Condition - If your bike is brand-new, you typically don't have to worry about its condition or any potential repairs.
  • Resale value - You can always recoup a portion of your original expenditure by reselling your motorcycle as a used bike after several years of usage.
  • New features - Buying a new motorcycle means that you're likely getting updated features and technology.
  • Mileage - Since the bike is new, you're able to get a sizable mileage out of it in the long term.

Which features should you look for when purchasing a Yamaha motorcycle?

eBay Motors provides a list of helpful categories to narrow down your choice. Some categories are:

  • Type: You can select from cruiser, dual-purpose bikes, off-road bikes, sport bikes, sport touring, standard, or touring motorcycles. 
  • Year: Years range from 2019 to 2007. 
  • Engine size: You can find a range of engine sizes on eBay. These include over 1,000cc, 751-1,000cc, 601-750cc, 501-600cc, 251-500cc, and 250cc or less.

Details to look at when purchasing a Yamaha motorcycle

Pay attention to the following elements as you purchase a motorcycle:

  • Working condition - Look carefully at photos that show the wear and tear on the tires. Moreover, ask for photos of other areas of the bike like the brakes, exhaust, etc. 
  • Rust - If you don't plan to repaint your motorcycle immediately after you purchase it, ensure that photos don't show rust or paint damage.
  • Bike history - Find out important details about the bike's background including its age, mileage, and damage history.

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