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Yamaha Equalizers Change the Way You Listen to Music

Many people know how important their amplifier and speakers are for getting great sound from their home entertainment system. There is another piece of equipment that can greatly improve the sound quality too: an equalizer. Browse this affordable collection on eBay to find an equalizer that suits your needs.

Can a Yamaha Equalizer be used with any audio system?

Yes. As long as you have the appropriate cables for the inputs, you can use an equalizer with your sound system. The Yamaha equalizer eq-70 has RCA inputs, which are used by most common sound systems. If you don't have the proper cables, you can also use an adapter to create connectivity between the two devices. Usually, the equalizer appears between the amplifier and the speakers in the signal chain.

How many bands does a Yamaha graphic equalizer Q2031A have?

The Q2031 equalizer has 10 bands. Each band represents a frequency range that will have its volume increased by pushing the slider up or down. The more bands an EQ has, the more exact you can be while adjusting the sound. Many EQs only have 3-5 bands, which means these models can sculpt the sound much more than they can. The bands on the left control the lowest frequency range with each band covering a higher range as you move right. There is also a slider to control the master volume of the audio.

Does the Yamaha EQ-70 have any special features?

Yes, on top of its ability to brighten or darken audio. There are a few bells and whistles this equalizer comes with, making your listening experience even more enjoyable. The designers of this equalizer understand that comfort and ease of use is just as important as sound quality. The special features include the following:

  • Remote control: Boost the highs or cut the lows without leaving the couch by using the remote control. You can also use the remote to turn it off.
  • LED: Each band comes with an LED display, meaning you don't have to turn on the lights to use the EQ.
  • Stereo independence: Solo the right and left channel to shape that sound on that side to your specifications, helping you perfectly design a sound system for any room.
Is a Yamaha Graphic Equalizer hard to connect?

Yamaha EQs are easy to hook up. Simply connect the audio from your TV, video player, or record player to RCA inputs. Then, run the cables from the audio out to the inputs on your speakers. Each speaker uses a different input, so check to make sure you have the correct cables.

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