Women's Slips

Women's Slips

The silky slip with lace trimming is a traditional staple in women's clothing drawers. Whether black, white, or leopard print, slips come in a selection of styles and sizes. Having a collection of slips in different styles helps ensure that each outfit stays comfortable and in place.

What is the purpose of a slip?

  • A slip helps your clothes to hang more attractively. It allows your dress or skirt to glide smoothly over your body instead of rubbing against your skin or undergarments.
  • A slip makes your clothing opaque, so your body's silhouette will not be visible if you are standing in front of a light source and your clothes are backlit.
  • A slip can protect women's skin from irritating fabrics. If your dress is made of brocade or wool, it might be scratchy. Slips give you a comfortable barrier between your skin and the fabric.
  • A slip can help your dress keep its shape. Some dresses tend to bag in the seat when you sit down. Your slip can take away some of the stress on the fabric caused by sitting, resulting in less bagginess.

What are the styles of slips?

  • Full slip: This type has shoulder straps, and it falls all the way to the hem of your dress. It may have princess seams or shaped cups. Sometimes, a full slip will have a built-in bra with or without lace accents. It helps to choose a full slip that has a versatile neckline. A deep, lace V-neck will remain hidden under a larger variety of dress styles than a higher neckline would.
  • Half slip: Half-slips cover from your waist to the hem of your dress or skirt. They almost always have elastic waists and lower edges trimmed with lace. A half-slip may be paired with a lace camisole or worn alone.
  • Pettipants: If you want the advantages of a slip when you are wearing slacks, pettipants are the solution. They are essentially slips that are shaped like shorts. Pettipants are usually knee length, but you can find styles that go to the lower calf for fuller coverage under slacks. They often have lace trimming around the lower edges.

How long are women's slips?

Full slips and half-slips are both measured from the waist. They come in lengths that are suitable for everything from a mini dress to a skirt that falls to your ankles. They may be as short as 15 inches or as long as 35 inches or more, including the lace trimming. All lengths are available in a wide range of sizes.

What are the features of slips to look for?

You might appreciate slips that are called anti-static or anti-cling. They resist static electricity buildup. This keeps them from sticking to your legs or bunching up under your dress. A slip with slits is versatile. Some slips have one slit that can be worn on the front or back. Some have one on each side.