Finding the Right Women's Roller Skates for Your Needs

Roller skates for women offer a fun way to exercise and enjoy leisure time. Women's roller skates come in a wide variety of styles and can be used for different purposes. This information about the various types of new and used women's skates available on eBay can help you make a smart purchase.

What types of women's roller skates are there?

Women's roller skates are offered in several different configurations to wear for different skating activities. Here are some factors to consider when purchasing women's roller skates:

  • Indoor or outdoor - Skates made for indoor use at skating rinks or on other hard indoor surfaces feature harder wheels. Skates made for outdoor use on bike trails, concrete, and other outdoor surfaces have softer wheels to handle the different terrain.
  • Quad or inline - A traditional skate has four wheels in the same configuration as those on a car, with two wheels in the front and two in the back. This is known as a quad skate and is a good choice for beginners. Inline skates feature four wheels in a line under the center of the skate boot and require greater ankle strength and balance, making them ideal for more advanced skaters.
Different types of quad roller skates with special purposes

Quad skates can be either indoor or outdoor models. They also feature several subcategories for special purposes, including:

  • High top skates - These women's roller skates feature a classic high boot top that offers more stability to the ankle joint, making them a common choice for those who pursue artistic roller skating with jumps and spins.
  • Speed skates - These roller skates for women feature a lower, athletic top similar to that of a sneaker. This lower top allows greater ankle movement, making speedskating through turns easier. Wheels and bearings on these skates are also designed to roll faster.
  • Roller derby skates - These women's skates are similar to speed skates in design, allowing for movement and speed, but are more rugged than speed skates for participating in derbies.
When would you want to consider purchasing used women's roller skates?

Deciding to buy used roller skates for sale can be a smart way to try a new skating activity or to save money on a specialty pair of skates. Preowned women's skates can also be a good choice when you're purchasing them for a girl who is still growing and will need a larger size before long.