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Women's Perfumes

Women are fortunate in having so many fragrances to choose from. Each perfume is a very complex and unique creation that will have a slightly different fragrance on each person. How long each type lasts and whether to choose perfume, parfum, eau de toilette, or cologne varies.

What are scent notes?

How people distinguish one scent from another is very complicated. There are three primary notes and many lesser notes. These are often used to describe the scent, such as flowery or musky.

  • Top notes (notes de tete): These scents are usually tangy or citrus-smelling.
  • Heart or central notes (notes de coeur): This note is typically floral, such as jasmine or rose.
  • Base notes (notes de fond): These are normally enduring woody notes such as sandalwood.
How are the various types of perfumes different?

It's important to understand the differences between perfumes, eau de parfums, colognes, and eau de toilettes. While all scents are primarily an essential oil and alcohol, how much alcohol is used has a direct effect on how long the smell will last. Fragrances containing a higher percentage of fragrance oil last longer.

  • Perfume: These are the most concentrated and normally used by women, having 20%-30% pure perfume essence. One application could last as long as 24 hours.
  • Eau de parfum: Worn by by both men and women, eau de parfum contains 15%-20% pure oil and lasts up to six hours.
  • Eau de toilette: This is a light scent containing 5%-15% pure oil that lasts about three hours.
  • Cologne: Used by men and younger people, it has 2%-4% pure perfume essence. A spray or two usually lasts about two hours.
How do you select a scent?

With so many brands to choose from, finding your signature parfum can be a long process. Here are a few tips on finding that special parfum that accents your beauty.

  • First, sniff from the bottle, and then, spray on blotter or test sheets; finally, spray on your body.
  • It's a good idea to refresh your nose by waiting at least a few minutes before testing another perfume.
  • Last, compare the fragrances side by side. Choose the one you love and make it your signature scent.
How do you use and store perfume?

Here are a few simple tips to help you smell amazing and get the most from your fragrance.

  • It lasts longer when stored away from humidity and light. Store it on your bureau or vanity instead of the bathroom counter.
  • Rub a little vaseline on your pulse points before spraying the scent. It holds it onto your skin so that the fragrance will last longer.
  • Fragrances last longer when applied to wet skin, so apply right after showering and before getting dressed.
  • If you have dry skin, apply an unscented moisturizer first.
  • Applying the scent on ankles and behind knees helps it drift up throughout your day.
  • When the bottle is almost empty, pour the rest into an unscented lotion.