Women's Gloves & Mittens

Women's Gloves and Mittens

Gloves and mittens for women come in many materials and sizes and may be worn for a variety of purposes. Some women choose a style of glove or mitten to add to their fashion accessories. However, many others choose gloves to protect the hands from cold weather, harsh conditions, and from substances that might be harmful to hands.

How can women choose between mittens and gloves?

Gloves are a good option depending on your preference and the purpose you have for them. However, you should also consider a mitten, which has a separate space for the thumb and a larger section for the other four fingers. A mitten for women is worn to protect the hand from cold temperatures and when manipulation of objects is not a priority. In rare cases, mittens for women may also be used to protect an individual injury. For example, a patient in a hospital who is suffering from memory impairment may be outfitted with a mitten on a hand to prevent her from self-inflicted injury by scratching. Gloves for women have separate spaces for the thumb and fingers. Gloves are designed to allow women to perform tasks, such as picking up small objects or handling tools.

What materials are used to make women's gloves and mittens?

A mitten or glove for women may be constructed of light, medium, or heavy material. Depending on the purpose of the gloves or mitten, they may be made fabric, yarn, leather, or a combination of materials. For dressy occasions, gloves can include lace or silk, while gloves and mittens worn by women to protect the hands from harsh conditions or substances may be constructed of heavier materials such as rubber.

What are some recommendations for selecting mittens?

Select a mitten for women based on your activities. If the cold weather activities in which you plan to engage will not require you to use your fingers for tedious tasks, then mittens may be your choice. If you plan to hike, ski, or participate in outdoor activities in the snow or wet weather, choose a mitten with the following features:

  • A waterproof outer shell.
  • A lining that insulates hands from the cold.
What are some recommendations for selecting gloves for women?

When selecting gloves for women, consider your purpose for wearing them. For casual, cold weather activities, such as shopping or taking a walk, knitted gloves that are made of synthetic or wool yarn will be sufficient. For women who enjoy gloves as accessories, gloves made of a lightweight fabric or leather will be suitable. In cold weather, suede gloves for women and those that are lined with warm material or fleece will keep out the cold. Also, consider leather or other water-resistant glove materials when the weather is cold and wet. Women who choose gloves for gardening or tasks where the hands could be exposed to rough surfaces or conditions should choose gloves made of protective materials. This means selecting gloves that are durable and thick enough to protect the hands.