Women's Garter Belts

Women's Suspender Belts

Women's suspender belts are available in a wide range of designs to suit all shapes and sizes for every day or glamour wear. Sometimes called garter belts, this item of lingerie is usually worn at the waist or just slightly below. Suspender belts usually have 6 or 4 straps which use little ‘clip in place' adjustors to attach to stockinged legs.

Women's suspender belts are usually made from nylon, polyamide and satin mixes and include lightweight fabrics from floaty silks and ultra-feminine lace and satin to sensual fishnets. This item of underwear can be purchased from leading lingerie labels such as Agent Provocateur, Fantasie and Lapel.

Women's suspender belts or garters can be worn as a single item of underwear or attached to corsets and basques, girdles and waspies.

Curve Flattering Suspender Belts

Make sure you buy the right size for your body shape to ensure smooth lines over your curves. Suspenders should never strain or dig into the skin and the material should feel soft on your skin with no rubbing. Wider suspender belts will give you a smoother outline and keep stocking movement to a minimum.

Through the Eras

The history of the suspender belt dates back to Edwardian times and the invention of elastic. It was then when the first suspenders were attached to corsetry to hold up a lady's hosiery. As the suspender evolved into an undergarment in its own right 50s incarnations attached suspenders to girdles which gave the bottom and waist a smooth outline and also held up stockings.


Vintage inspired retro suspender belts evoke the glamour of that era and can be purchased in a range of sizes and styles and many are sold with matching knickers. Waspie suspender belts are another retro style of lingerie which also offer a fuller design meant to help contour the figure.