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Improve Your Desktop's Network Capability With a PCI Network Card

Most desktop computers are equipped with an Ethernet port that provides an easy way to connect to a network. The popularity of wireless networks is on the rise, as they offer additional convenience when compared to their hardwired counterparts. A PCI-based network adapter with a Wi-Fi antenna is capable of connecting to a TP-Link wireless network, and it will provide stable internet connectivity.

Does a wireless adapter require a USB port?

A PCI-connected wireless internal network card does not require a USB connection, as it is seated directly into an empty PCI slot on the motherboard. While a USB are viable options, most users report a reduced Mbps rating, which can lead to slow page loads and sluggish performance.

Does a network card come equipped with a Wi-Fi antenna?

A TP-Link dual-band network adapter comes equipped with a Wi-Fi antenna that will protrude from the back of the computer. It is what helps to capture the wireless signal. If an environment has obstacles like plaster walls or concrete barriers, it may be a good idea to choose a wireless adapter that is equipped with two omnidirectional antennas to boost the signal strength and increase the Mbps of the connection.

Is it essential to purchase a dual-band PCI-e Wi-Fi adapter?

Routers are rated according to their GHz output level, and while the standard was once 2.4 GHz, manufacturers have improved the performance of their equipment by creating 5.0 GHz band devices. While a single-band adapter will work, a dual-band PCIe Wi-Fi adapter only takes up one PCI slot and will allow you to access any network, regardless of the GHz rating.

What are the requirements when installing a PCI-e Wi-Fi adapter?

The process of installing a TP-Link adapter is not difficult, and most modern desktop computers will far exceed its requirements and offer fast Mbps speeds.

  • Memory: The device will require the installation of software and drivers to operate, so it is crucial to have the necessary amount of memory available before beginning installation.
  • PCI availability: Another requirement is an inactive PCI slot, as this is where the card will be installed.
  • Operating system: It is also essential to research the operating system requirements of the device. Make sure that updates are not required before you proceed with the installation process.

Will a dual-band adapter work with any wireless device?

A dual-band device is designed to work with any type of router and offer a faster Mbps when compared to single-band network cards. While a single-band adapter may work with an existing wireless connection, it may not be compatible with newer wireless routers; this could cause connectivity issues in the future.

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