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Window Motors and Parts for Pontiac Bonneville

Originally marketed by Pontiac for the 1958 model year, the Pontiac produced the Bonneville for generations ending in 2005. Window motors and parts for Pontiac Bonneville are a hard-working area on your vehicle, and you should run a service check as part of the car's regular maintenance.

Why will the Pontiac Bonneville driver's mechanism not go down?

You should investigate two parts on your Pontiac. The part that controls movement is the power regulator. When your car glass moves, the power regulator moves. The mechanism's motor on your Pontiac Bonneville supplies the power to the regulator. It is a stationary part. If you listen as you flip the switch, and you can hear it running, then that is a good indicator that it is operating fine.

Why is the rear passenger glass tilting back and forth?

Your Pontiac's interior regulator clip may need to be replaced. If the rest of the regulator seems to be operating fine, then the clip is the only component you need to replace. The two parts are attached to the interior of the door. Your Pontiac's regulator might also need to be replaced if the entire operation is working correctly.

Can the Pontiac Bonneville regulator be repaired?

Pontiac offers a regulator repair assembly kit for this vehicle. The kit should include all the parts required for your car's regulator. All model years of the Pontiac Bonneville should have kits available. They are also available for each the front and rear areas.

Why are both rear windows stuck on the Pontiac Bonneville?

Sometimes the universal lock mechanism on the Pontiac driver's door might be the culprit. If you notice that the problem is only in the back, it is likely that the car's lock has set. The switch may have locked without anyone realizing it. If, on the other hand, no switches are working, the problem may have another cause. Start by checking the fuse. If the fuses appear to be fine, then check the relay.

Does the same rear regulator fit the 1999 and 2004?

There was a change in the interior mechanism between 1999 and 2000. The 1999 model year is part of the ninth generation, and as such will fit parts that fall into that category. The same regulator as well as the coordinating parts for the 2004 car falls within the tenth generation and includes Pontiacs from 2000 on to the 2005 model years.