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Hyundai Elantra Window Motors and Parts

The Hyundai Elantra has seen several body changes since its inception in 1990. Hyundai's styling of this compact car body has changed to allow more window space and finer curves with each generation. A look at Hyundai Elantra Window motors and parts since 1990 provides information on the efforts of the auto industry to provide larger vision areas.

What are some changes made in Elantra window parts?

There are several window changes that have required body reconfigurations in the Hyundai Elantra.

  • When the glass area expanded in the Hyundai Elantra, bodies changed as well.
  • Window regulators changed with window size and curvature changes in the Elantra.
  • The Hyundai Elantra window motors of some models require more power than others to move and lock.
  • Window gaskets changed when Hyundai Elantra window sizes or styles changed.
  • Some Hyundai Elantra windows are curved; some are straight.
What are window regulators?

Window regulators are the part inside the door compartment that guides the window. A regulator either guides the window up to be locked in place or lowers the window to the desired location. Without a working window regulator you would not be able to move your window up and down.

How do window motors work in the Elantra?

Window motors coordinate with window regulators in the Elantra. The regulator is an auto part that holds your vehicle windows in place during the raising and lowering process, the window motor is the part connected to the window regulator that drives the window up or down. Window motors are powered by the electrical system running off your car engine. They are activated by a switch in the armrest compartment beside the driver or rider.

What symptoms indicate window part problems?

There are several indicators that your window parts need investigation; these are just a few.

  • The first issue passengers and drivers normally notice is an increased noise coming from the window motor. The increased noise is due to some added load to the motor.
  • The next symptom is when the smooth movement of the window disappears and moves in jerks.
  • The final symptom normally comes when you activate the window to move up or down, and you hear the motor run, but the window does not move.
When should window motors and parts be replaced?

You should always respond with a look at Hyundai window parts when you experience any of the aforementioned symptoms. Sometimes, the issue may be as simple as replacing deteriorated window gaskets that are inhibiting window movement. At other times, you may find a piece of debris lodged in a channel of the window regulator that blocks smooth movement. However, the most common issue is a worn or rusty regulator, which requires removal and replacement of the part. At that time, it is recommended that you replace the window motor and window gaskets as well. A car window that does not work smoothly will cause damage to other parts. Always replace car auto parts with parts designed for the correct model year and trim level.