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Honda Odyssey Window Motors and Parts

When car windows refuse to budge, it's usually a sign that there's something wrong with the window motor. Honda Odyssey drivers looking to repair their faulty windows may have to invest in several new window parts. With the right parts, Odyssey drivers will be able to use their power windows again in no time.

How do power windows work?

Before drivers can select the appropriate Honda Odyssey parts, it helps to understand how a power window works. Essentially, they are powered by a cable-driven system that enables them to go up and down. When repairing their vehicle's power windows, Honda Odyssey drivers may need the following components:

  • Electric Motor: Within the lifting mechanism, the window motor is responsible for activating the regulator, thus enabling it to slide up and down.
  • Window Regulator: The window regulator is made up of a series of gears. There are worm gears, which lock the window in place when it's reached the desired height, and spur gears, which pull it up and down.
  • Switch: The control switch gives Honda Odyssey drivers the ability to move their windows up and down. These switches can be found on the driver side and passenger side of most Odyssey models.
  • Wiring: None of the other components can function if the wiring isn't working. The standard Honda Odyssey electrical system is composed of a fuse, a circuit breaker, and a series of wires.
How do you know the motor isn't working?

While malfunctioning electric windows suggest that the motor isn't working, there are many components in electric windows. The best sign that it's the motor that isn't working, rather than a broken fuse or guidance failure, is functional decline. They rarely stop all at once; it usually happens over a period of time. This functional decline, known as burnout, may mean that the motor works sporadically or that it works more slowly than it did before. This is the clearest sign that Odyssey drivers may need a replacement part.

What kinds of motors and parts are available?

When shopping for replacement motors and parts, Honda owners have two major options:

  • OEM: OEM parts are manufactured by Honda, and they're guaranteed to fit the car. They're a good choice for Honda owners who don't want to take a chance on aftermarket options.
  • Aftermarket: Aftermarket parts are designed to fit a wide variety of vehicle makes and models. There are plenty that suit the Honda Odyssey, but buyers should nonetheless be more careful before purchasing aftermarket options.