Wicked Lasers

Wicked Lasers

The Wicked Lasers brand designs and manufacturers powerful handheld lasers. These tools perform many different functions, ranging from operating as a flashlight, laser pointer, music visualizer, or lightsaber. You can choose from a range of laser colors, including blue, white, green, and red.

What are Wicked Lasers?

Wicked Lasers is a product line that features laser diodes. These products range from flashlight alternatives to lasers that you can hold in the palm of your hand. The flashlight generates 4,100 lumens of white light and features floodlight and searchlight modes in addition to a traditional mode. The Wicked Lasers product lineup includes the

  • FlashTorch: A handheld lantern.
  • FlashTorch Mini: A lantern that's 40% smaller than the FlashTorch.
  • Evo: A tactical laser that is programmable.
  • Arctic: A laser with blue light.
  • Krypton: A laser that features green energy.
  • Lunar: A purple laser.
  • Inferno: A red laser.
What about the Spyder III?

The Spyder III, which includes the flagship Arctic, is another line of powerful handheld lasers engineered and manufactured by Wicked Lasers. This product line has various sub-brands, which are variations based on color. These include the

  • Arctic.
  • Krypton.
  • Lunar.
  • Inferno.
What is the LaserDock?

The LaserDock is a music visualizer that you can connect to a PC, Mac, or Android system. It features an aircraft-grade aluminum case and a proprietary beat detection system. This visualizer also has the ability to project a range of laser colors.

Are there accessories available?

Yes. The brand offers several accessories that are compatible with its lasers. These laser accessories include the

  • Phosforce: This converts blue laser energy into white light.
  • LaserSaber: This effectively turns your laser into a lightsaber.
  • Expander:: This focuses your beam for increased range up to 10 times.
How are Wicked Lasers powered and charged?

These lasers receive power from a rechargeable, replaceable battery. The Arctic and other Spyder III models, for instance, include an 18650 Lithium-ion battery along with an appropriate charger. At full charge, these lasers can last up to 180 minutes depending on the power mode. Battery lifespan is estimated at more than 5,000 hours and 500 recharge cycles. Wicked Lasers recommends replacing these batteries every two years.

How long do they take to charge?

The 18650 batteries can have a charging time up to 12 hours from empty using the default equipment included with the product. Note that it is possible to improve charging times for these laser batteries with a charger that is more powerful, faster, and operates at a cooler temperature.

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