Wheelbarrows and Carts to help you around the garden

Easily transport your garden waste with wheelbarrows and carts. Choose from the extensive range of gardening and building wheelbarrows to help your shift all of your unwanted garden waste from bricks to rose clippings. 

Gardening wheelbarrows

Gardening wheelbarrows are available in a variety of colors, sizes, designs, and materials. Plastic wheelbarrows are ideal for transporting clippings and light branches, whilst metal wheelbarrows are capable of handling most heavy loads. Old tin or wooden wheelbarrows also make great planters for flowers. 

Building wheelbarrows

Building wheelbarrows are reinforced to ensure they can cope with the added strain of a heavy payload. A builder's wheelbarrow will be able to carry heavy materials such as bricks, sand or debris. Thick rubber wheels will prevent punctures from nails or tacks, helping you get the job done time after time. 

Two-Wheeled wheelbarrows

The two-wheeled wheelbarrow provides added balance and prevents you from tipping over when cornering or negotiating difficult terrain. The added balance is ideal for older gardeners, or gardeners planning to carry heavier than average burdens. 

Carts and wagons

Carts and wagons are pulled rather than pushed, and consist of a four-wheeled truck steered by a single handle. They are larger than wheelbarrows and are ideal for gardeners moving plants, pots, logs, or larger items. Garden carts are also the easiest way of transporting animal feed or hay and are extremely unlikely to tip. However, unlike a wheelbarrow, they cannot be easily tipped and emptied, and so are less practical if you are shifting products such as soil or manure. Some wagons can also be collapsed making them ideal for storage in the garden shed. 


Get your barrow back on the move with a range of replacement tyres, inner tubes, and wheels. Tyres can be easily fitted to most wheelbarrows, and come in a huge range of replacement sizes and thicknesses.