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Ford Ranger Wheel Lugs

Wheel lug nuts are bolts that fasten the wheel to the axle of the car. They fit over the wheel studs to keep the wheel attached in the right position. Whether you replace a single lug nut or a whole set, you need to be sure that the new lug nuts have the right specs for your Ford Ranger.

What are the features of Ford Ranger lug nuts?

Thread size and pitch: These parameters must be the same on the wheel studs and the lug nuts. For the Ford Ranger, the thread pattern is expressed as 1/2 - 20. The first number means the wheel studs are 1/2-inch in diameter. The second number means each stud has 20 threads per inch along its length.

Seat type: The factory lug nuts on a Ranger have a conical seat type. Sometimes it’s described as acorn conical. If you switch out the wheels on your truck, you may need a different style of lugnut. The seat is the surface of the nut that’s tightened against the wheel, so the wrong type will not provide a secure fit.

Length: There are short lug nuts sometimes called “under-hub” that are designed to fit under wheel covers. If your rims leave the lug nuts exposed, you can choose any length you like.

Standard, spline, or locking: Standard lug nuts are the common parts you are probably familiar with. They can be tightened and removed with any wrench that is the right size. Spline drive nuts are a longer, narrower style. They are made for rims that have very little clearance around each lug nut. They require a special, thin socket that can be slipped around them.

Some people consider the spline drive type to be an anti-theft choice because it requires a special tool to remove it, however, this tool is widely available. To prevent possible theft you will want wheel locks. These locking lug nuts come with a unique key that fits that particular set of nuts. You only need one lock per wheel.

Color: Lugnuts for the Ford Ranger are available in a variety of colors to suit your taste. You can find classic silver, chrome, and black, or go for something more flashy, like red or blue.

What is the bolt pattern of a Ford Ranger?

Models made from 1982 through 1998 have a bolt pattern of 5x114.3 From 1999 through 2012, Ford changed the pattern to 6x139.7 on some models and left it 5x114.3 on others.

The first number of this pattern is the number of lug nuts on each wheel. When installed on the wheels, the nuts form a circle with a diameter corresponding to the second number of the pattern: 114.3 millimeters or 139.7 millimeters, depending on the model.