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Jeep Wrangler Wheel Center Caps

Wheel center caps have both a practical use in covering up your wheel hubs and axle nuts, and they also provide a finishing touch to your Jeep. With a wide variety of colors and finishes, customizing your Jeep Wrangler wheels is easy.

What finishes are available for Jeep Wrangler wheel center caps?

Jeep center caps have a number of attractive finishes to customize your vehicle for the look you desire. Colors and materials include

  • Gloss, Satin, or Flat Black
  • Metallic Gray
  • Polished or Plated Chrome
  • Silver
  • Aluminum
  • Plastic
  • Bronze
  • Alloy
What are alloy wheels and wheel covers?

Alloy wheels and wheel covers are made from a mixture of metal and other materials, usually aluminum, magnesium, or sometimes both. Alloy metals are often stronger than pure metals and they typically conduct heat well. In addition, they are typically very light in weight.

Can you get a logo on your center caps?

Yes. Center caps may include the Jeep logo or other logos either in the same color or metal as the entire center cap, or in a contrasting color, such as black on a chrome cap, to make it stand out. In addition, custom caps can add a unique look to your vehicle and can feature virtually anything you desire.

What are OEM Jeep Wrangler center caps?

OEM stands for Original Equipment Manufacturer, and thus OEM center caps are made, in this case, by Jeep or one of its subcontractors. OEM center caps are specifically designed to fit Jeep Wranglers and thus will be the same as the Jeep's original center caps. Aftermarket center caps are manufactured by third-party companies to fit Jeep Wranglers and perhaps other vehicles as well. Customers often have a wide variety of options with aftermarket wheel center caps because there are many companies manufacturing them, giving you a good opportunity for customization.

What measurements do you need for a wheel center cap?

Use a tape measure or tape ruler to measure three parts of the wheel center cap. You will need to know the

  • Inner Diameter: Place the wheel center cap face down so the opening is showing and measure the opening between the two inner sides of the cap.
  • Outer Diameter: Measure the distance between the two outside edges of the cap at the widest part.
  • Depth: Measure the inside depth from the back of the face of the center cap to the edge of the rim.
Can you get decals for your Wrangler center caps?

Yes, you can purchase them to affix to the center of your Jeep center caps to add a custom look. These are available in a myriad of styles and designs to give you endless options to make your Wrangler unique. Adding decals to your center caps can be a fast and affordable way to customize your Wrangler's wheels.