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Dodge Ram 2500 Wheel Center Caps

Wheel center caps for Dodge Ram 2500s go beyond their protective role and provide decorative touches to truck wheels. They also come in a variety of styles from black to chrome to suit different styles and needs. Explore the various metals and plastics available for replacement that are used to create these multifunctional Dodge parts.

What Dodge Ram wheel center caps are available?

Wheel center caps for Dodge Ram 2500s come in many different styles, a few of which are round and smooth, studded, and five-pointed. Some models showcase a hexagonal bolt shape inside a larger circle of smooth metal. Others use a smaller circle inside a larger circle with bolts evenly spaced around the inside ring. Star-shaped wheel center caps have five points with a bolt in each. The center utilizes different logos to pull attention toward the middle of the piece. With so many options, wheel center caps can be utilized to individualize your Dodge Ram’s wheels to your individual taste.

What is the function of a wheel center cap?

The first styles of wheel center caps served a purpose of keeping dirt, mud, and debris away from the spindles and wheel bearings of vehicles. Damage to either of these parts would mean a wheel that did not turn, which affected the performance of the vehicle. Since then, wheel center caps have turned into an opportunity to embellish the wheels of vehicles. Since standard models have grown drastically in size, they can utilize a wide variety of different textiles.

What materials are wheel center caps made from?

Most wheel center caps for Dodge Ram 2500s are made from different types of metal like aluminum and steel along with different kinds of plastic composites. These plastic parts are painted a solid, neutral color like black. Bolts may also be coated with rust-resistant products to increase their longevity and wear further; this prevents rust and corrosion to the metal components.

What are cleaning tips for wheel center caps?

Wheel center caps can be cleaned during an automatic wash as with the rest of tires. However, if wheels come into contact with lots of extra mud or dirt, you may choose to hand-wash them. Use warm water and soap mixed together as a cleaning agent and a soft cloth or a brush with soft bristles can be used the clean the caps. Brush the wheel and center cap until the dirt and grime are gone and rinse with clean water to get rid of the excess soap. Dry the wheel and center cap with another soft cloth, being careful not to damage the metal in any way, and finish the job by polishing or waxing the caps for extra shine if you desire.