Weighted Blankets

How to Find a Weighted Blanket for Your Needs

If you've ever struggled to fall asleep at night, you may have considered getting a weighted blanket as a calming and stress-reducing addition to your bedroom. While typically used to help with insomnia and anxiety, weighted blankets are also used for a variety of things, including simple stress relief. Regardless of why you're looking to buy one, eBay has a wide selection of new and used weighted blankets to choose from.

What should you consider before buying a weighted blanket?

The main things that you should consider before picking out a quality weighted blanket should be:

  • Weight: Available weights range from 5-25 pounds.
  • Size: Sizes you can find on eBay include Twin, Full, and Queen. See the manufacturer's site for specific measurements.
  • Adult or Child: This factor is not size alone. This generally has more to do with size and weight. The blanket should weigh 10% of your bodyweight to be effective.
  • Fabric: Fabric choices include cotton, polyester, flannel, and velvet. Keep in mind that the material of the pockets that hold the weights may not be the same as the blanket itself.
Weighted blanket weights

The desirable amount of weight for the blanket will vary from person to person, depending on bodyweight. Most of these blankets are weighted from 5 to 25 pounds, with some being a little more. Blankets for children should be on the lower side of the spectrum, and blankets for those that are above-average in body weight may need one on the higher end of the spectrum.

Weighted blanket fabrics

Quality weighted blankets can be made from many different types of fabrics. Some of these fabrics include cotton, polyester, flannel, and others. A material like flannel is most appropriate for those who want a warmer blanket. Materials like cotton are plentiful and are still fairly warm while not being as warm as flannel.

Are weighted blankets washable?

Something important to check before purchasing your weighted blanket is to see whether it can be machine-washed or not. If it can't be machine-washed, it may be important to find a blanket cover to put it in to avoid getting it dirty. Covers for weighted blankets are also available on eBay.